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I think its possible i am schizophrenic. It runs in my family-Great Grandma, grandma, possibly mom too, uncle.

I already posted one on this, but i decided to go into it more.
I havent really been that worried about this until last night. I couldnt sleep at all because i though there was some one in my closet. i was so scared i was shaking and crying. i had to keep checking to see if someone was hiding there. every time i would close my eyes for even one second i would see disturbing things. horrible, scary things(dead people, people killing people< weird monster creatures). so just decided sleep was a lost cause and started to think. then i was starting to think that objects in my room were plotting against me, and were going to attack me and bite me. like i there is this green chair and i thought it was an evil frog. i could clearly see it was a chair but i was completely convinced it wasnt. i know that doesnt make much sense. i started to panic and sob. i could hear voices also. they werent talking to me though. they were just talking, whispering. that happens some times though. but it just kept going on.

about two hours later i wasnt scared of the objects in my room anymore. but i was very scared just from the whole ordeal. so i started telling my self it was okay that it was normal and another part of me said no its not! and before long i was arguing with myself. I was really just trying to merge those two people back into one me.

these types of things happen to me sometimes. at night i will hallucinate and see things. usually when i see things its giant spiders crawling all over my wall. i they will be visible to me for usually 10-20 seconds and then they will fade or look like they crawl under things, which i will check over and over. and sometimes i'll just see random floating objects that will do exactly the same. this and the whispering voices have never happened at the same time. but almost every night its one of the two.

i have been having these night time things for as long as i can remember.

the whispering voices are in the day too. i always thought that it was normal. i can never understand what is being said. but they used to be mostly at night. im worried that i will start seeing spiders in the daytime too.

well if you have ANY input i would greatly appreciate it. i want o know if this is at all normal or if it isnt what i can do.
Thanks for the compliment regarding my screen name. :)

It sounds like your mother is continuing to improve which is great! Apparently her meds are working which I'm very happy to hear.

Psychosis can be scary for another person to observe, but if medication is given as soon as possible, the person who is having auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations and/or delusions can feel some relief in days if not a few weeks. I've had psychotic episodes where I was given a fast-acting antipsychotic that worked within hours. I've also had episodes where it took much longer for an antipsychotic to work.

In any case, I'm delighted that your mother is doing well enough to have a conversation with you on the phone. That's a definite sign of improvement!

I hope you'll keep me posted on how she is doing. Keep communicating with her as often as possible. That will be one of the best ways to help her recover.

By the way, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me here and I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Again, I'm *so* happy for you both!! :)

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