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Re: Seroquel
Apr 30, 2009
[QUOTE=Swamp56;3971350]I went to my psychiatrist today and she up'd the dose to 400, and I have to meet with her in 2 weeks :O .

She said that my issue could range from aggitated depression, to some type of bipolar disorder to schizoaffective disorder to schizophrenia (I have both + and - symptoms).

She also said I'm showing some psychotic behavior (from what I told her anyway).[/QUOTE]

I hope your increased dose of Seroquel helps bring you some relief.

Depending on when you experience psychosis, you could have bipolar, schizoaffective or schizophrenia.

People who are bipolar and have psychotic symptoms only experience them during manic and/or depressive episodes.

Those who have schizoaffective disorder become psychotic during periods of normal mood as well as during manic and depressive episodes.

Psychotic symptoms related to schizophrenia occur during normal mood as well as during or after periods of what would be considered "mania" even though mania isn't used the same way as it is when talking about bipolar.

By the way, I was originally diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type 3 years ago, but my diagnosis changed after I started having problems with rapid cycling.

12 months after I was diagnosed with schizoaffective, my diagnosis was changed to rapid cycling bipolar 1.

In December it was changed yet again to (what I believe is a correct diagnosis) atypical bipolar 1 with ultradian rapid cycling.

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