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Thank you guys for reading this.
Ok so I dont know if what I am experiencing is Schizophrenia or not and I dont want to go to a therapist, because I dont want anyone to think I am crazy or anything...
So anyways I have been Hallucinating mostly i see cats ive seen people before but I only see stuff when I am bymyself. I also hear loud screaming in my head when its really quite, and read on the internet that you sometimes withdraw from your friends or something and I didnt realize that until I read it that I have been doing that because last year I dropped out of school and every since then I never talk to any of my old friends I only talk to my family I only had three friends that I ever talked to and now since I moved away from them now I only tal to 2 of my old friends from where I am living now I dont know if any of that was really necessary to say but yeah... and everytime I go somewhere or go to any place that I dont know people I am Always very nervous I never know what to say and I get reall sick to my stomache...
And also I have been staying up all nigh and sleeping all day since I dropped out of school and I havent really been doing anything...
So if anybody has any advice or anything please help me cause idk what else to do I am so scared of what people will think if I do have schizophrenia and they find out so please help me whatever you have to say I dont care
Hey, thanks for sharing... Its good that you came to these forums - its a good place to ask questions and be sure of things before making a step to get help...

One thing I'll say quickly - we are not doctors. The only place you'll get some assurance as to what you're experiencing and why - is with a trustworthy professional who handles these types of cases. I wish you the best of luck in your process of getting help. And, DO NOT be afraid of seeing therapists / psychiatrists, trust me; they do alot for you. :)

I got a question... You said that, [B]"You only see things when you are alone..."[/B] The first thing I think about when I hear that is; [B]"Are you sure you're seeing things that aren't there?" [/B]

Pay attention to whether or not other people can see things that you see. If you are unsure - get a camera and take a picture of what you, "questionably," see - and show someone else... There's nothing wrong with asking questions - so long as its for an answer that you're desperate to find... Perhaps you're just thinking too much... :)

[B]What is necessary is, NOT; unwise.[/B] :)

In the event that you ARE seeing things that aren't there... I would - along with anyone else on these forums, suggest; that you see a professional... Visual hallucinations AREN'T ALWAYS; accompanied with a mental illness... In fact; they're quite rare in mental illnesses... (Like Schizophrenia / Bipolar) I had a friend with a brain tumour - who had visual hallucinations - and all his doctors thought he had psychosis until they did a brain scan... He also smelt things that weren't there... He had a surgery and it was removed - since then he's been okay.

The only real determining factor - that, "I," can suggest you do - is make sure - that what you're seeing is in FACT; fake... And once you know for sure - don't get freaked out about it... Simply, "ACCEPT," it... And learn to adapt to it. And seek help from someone who deals with that sort of thing daily. You are NOT alone - and finding others who experience similar things could be beneficial for your health, and ALSO rewarding for you're social life... As from what you've stated - you're slowly declining in that area - which is ALSO - sometimes a phaze that you go through as a young adult / teenager. :)

Good luck with you're situation - make the best of your life and don't let a diagnoses let you down... Simply use it to answer a question you have. :)

I think all of these people have great ideas. About being a teenager (if you are) and taking a photo of what you see. What caught my eye was the part about hallucinations. If I cannot sleep at all for about three nights, I will hallucinate and it seems real to me. Do you suffer from insomnia? In any case, see a doctor. They see this kind of thing all the time.
Best of luck!
I think all this brings a good point of how hard it can be to diagnose schizophrenia.

some symptoms of schizophrenia are
being bit of a loner
imagine people are talking about you
racing thoughts

but the fact is normal people worry about what others think of them, people can become loners when bad things happen to them that cause them pain and they try to reason it out on their own, stress can cause people to have racing thoughts. So consider that before worrying too much about if you have it or not.

I have read that schizophrenia can happen to people who do drugs, have a traumatic event and inherit it. The drugs or traumatic event can cause the schizophrenia even if there is no family history of it.

I read how you said you were acting, but before you worry too much, look at what you are doing, you dropped out of school, I dropped out of school to and I treated myself like crapped. I kicked myself and let other kick about how you are not supposed to do that, and it means your a lazy flop, or your a quitter. Well if you do that don't because its not going to help, it can for some people be like beating a dead horse. Unfortunately I was around people who nagged me about that and it can bug you.
You said you are alone a lot and don't have many friends to support you in this, well that is definately understandable because you don't know if they will support you or call you crazy.
You said you are up all night and sleep all day, I can see why if dropping out of school bothers you, you are alone to yourself with no one around you to tell you different ideas, your not doing anything, you are uncertain of others trusting others with this matter. If you went to a psychiatrist and said I feel bad that dropped out of school or I send a lot time alone, or I don't talk to many people, some may say depression right away, and if you do something about it you may not need pills.
So what you re doing could be a sign of depression. So maybe you should consider that before full blown schizophrenia.
I have written a lot but this may come down to what YOU do, when I quite school I was depressed and was a loner more often. But I did notice that when I went someplace I liked I forgot this and it was a major stress relief and I wish I had done that more often. This can also help stop being a loner, if you go to a park, the store, take a walk, go buy gas, some place you are close to people but don't have to necessary talk to them, you see people function in normal life and they could care less about you. But the less you are alone the thoughts might subside some. If worrying you are crazy bothers other people are generally not going to know that, but they may see that you are worried and wonder whats up. So What!
But my opinion is that you to go to a doctor and get tested for depression which is very common, infact if you believe what all the doctors and medicine companies, they say depression affects everyone at some point in life and that something 1/3 or 1/4 of people are depressed for whatever reason, don't quote me on that but I have heard it enough myself from seeing that boucing white ball on tv that has a person's face on it, I'm not sure what the name is but when I was in high school I was given free samples for depression from a doctor. Which is common, if this is what is wrong, then you are not crazy and what you are going through is normal.
As far as hallucinations that could be from being alone all the time and alone to your thoughts. Ever get a song stuck in your head or watch a scary movie when you are young and have to have the lights on and you think you see something out of the corner of your eye, what causes that, is that mental illness too?
I wrote earlier that drugs and traumatic events can cause mental illness, as that is what some doctors believe.
I see that your post was 2 months ago, if you haven't done anything do something man!! Do something different!!
Heck I guess I have to say that I am not a doctor which I am not, so this is just a suggestion what you can do, heck I am getting paranoid about writing all this because I read the forum rules lol, hope all this is ok.

good luck

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