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Do I Still Have It?
May 13, 2009
Ok, I went to the psychiatrist and had my Seroquel raised from 50mg => 400mg, which is a sufficient dose to help me.

Even before I started the medication, my paranoia seemed to have gone (only after I saw the doctor)...which was weird.

Anyway, I started noticing my paranoia gone/going away on the 100mg, and then I had my appointment with my therapist while starting the 200mg dose and I still had a bit of paranoia but barely any, and then I started the 300mg dose, and I barely had any paranoia, and now I'm on the 400mg and have very little (only when I think about it).

Although, up until the 300mg I was having auditoral hallucinations (I had one while on 300mg while driving - a siren that wasn't real I heard). Last night I also could have sworn I saw someone walking through my dining room and also thought I saw a pair of eyes. While this happens to most people (thinking they saw something), I actually did see something move...I was the only one on the first floor of my mom/stepfather's townhouse, and we have no pets.

The issue I'm having right now is believing that there may be something wrong, and that this isn't just in my mind.

You have to understand something about me; I like to take on problems, so I find it amusing and entertaining to fight with a disease like OCD or depression, because I love to take things on and help/fix them. That is a bit abnormal I know.

This leads me into the feeling that maybe I don't have these issues, and all of these delusions/hallucinations are all part of my imagination and that they're not real.

While I'm not sure if that thought itself is delusional, I don't know - I have severe OCD, which is capable of weird things.

Another thing is that I started noticing things after I saw a movie on schizophrenia and researching it in psychology that were a bit abnormal (first it was talking to people who aren't there, and then realizing my paranoia), so I also think it could be that that would be making me hallucinate/become delusional/paranoid.

I really don't know what to believe anymore - and I have to admit it's really annoying when you don't know what the hell you hear is real or not.

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