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I do know there are videos on youtube that explain some of the meds.
I know resperdal can increase you wanting to eat more, but seroquel does not, but both raise your chances of diabetes, and being overweight increases your chance of diabetes as well.
Not all anti-psychotics cause weight gain, if this bothers you then maybe you should switch to a different drug.
If you are eating healthy and exercising then that is key.
I saw on the cbs news that some of the atypical newer drugs are being reevaluated because the fact that they cause weight gain was not properly explained or revealed to patients and doctors by whoever makes then. How much is true I don't know, but I do remember the people who going around explaining the drug and advertising it admitted to not addressing the weight gain issue.
Its not that great that these new drugs are being used so widespread when not all the info is released if there is more to them.
If you read the resperdal paper that comes with the bottle, they tested this on rats, I have no idea how much human testing they did first. It also explains how that some of the test the side effects were infertility and tumors, but again this was in rats and they were probably given outrageous doses of the drug. If you really want to know, read the fine print and talk to your psychiatrist.
Unfortunately the medical journals that these test go into are usually for medical institutions only and are not easily obtainable or viewable to the public until someone publishes them years later.
So keep digging and searching, but its great that you want to know this stuff and that you want to be aware of what your taking so don't give up on try to find out more.
There may a be a doctor you goes to a different forum, or someone else you knows this stuff, so keep searching, go to different forums, and ask there as well.

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