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I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder when in fact I had symptoms of Schizophrenia. The Doctors knew this and they purposely misdiagnosed me with BiPolar Disorder because the insurance would not cover Schizophrenia.
I don't have mood swings. I am not depressed. The doctors had me on all sorts of medication that I did not need.

There are different types of Schizophrenia and not all of them can be treated with medication. Skull structure is not a chemical imbalance. The Doctors would love for you to believe that you need all this medication that makes them money. The hospital bills would not be paid if they diagnosed you with what you really have.

In my humble opinion. I do not believe that most of these so called "illnesses" require any medication what so ever. In my case I believe it was lack of sleep, food and too much stress for a long period of time.
This is nothing a little sleep, food and lack of stress could not fix. Now after you have passed the point of no return in delusions you would of course have to knock some since into these peoples and bring them back to earth. But Doctors rest reasured in thier paychecks if they just give you a pill for every earthly problem you ever had.

So how do you talk some since into these people who are "delusional". First you have to understand them. People don't understand them. People are afraid of them and rather give them a pill and lock them up in a Mental hospital. People don't know how to talk to them and bring them in touch with reality.

First you have to understand what it is. I would describe it as waking up from a dream and still be dreaming. Like sleep walking. Your eyes are open everything seems real. You can touch your dream, feel your dream so how do you know you are dreaming? When you are awake and dreaming there is no way of telling that it is only a dream. So what do you do? Prove them wrong. Prove to them that this is only a dream and explain to them what is going on. As if you were explaining it to a doctor. Don't leave them in the dark to live in this dream forever. Someone has to wake them up. There is no pill that can do this for them.

If your child woke up from a nightmare you would say its ok honey it was only a dream. I think that if you put me in the room with some of these delusional people I could bring them out of it faster then any medication or pill could ever bring them out of it.

You have to get them to question thier own thoughts. Make them realize that this is not reality. Wake up! Your dreaming!

Like I said... A little sleep, food, and lack of stress could be a simple solution to this problem. Your brain can not function with out food and your mind can not function with out sleep. You have to dream to function. If you are not sleeping for days at a time or even a week this could lead you to dilusions. I do not see this as mentally ill but as a sleeping problem. Add a ton of stess to the equation and starving for days or weeks and you could become delusional. Anyone. Anyone under the right circumstances could become delusional. These right circumstance don't happen to everyone.
People don't understand it and they are afraid of it. People assume the worst and they will label you as mentally ill for the rest of your life.

You had a bad dream! That is all! Your brain can not function without dreaming, sleep, and food.

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