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he has had nine recorded concussions, yes nine. Upon hearing that, EEG and seizures were actually the doctors first steps. When this proved invalid they moved onto the P.Skyzo checkpoints and that's when he was diagnosed.

I would like to thank everyone for their help. he has gotten better and you were all right, he just needed time for the new meds to start working.

He still has...I hesitate to say episodes b/c they're not full blown things. there's just times where he gets depressed and says stupid things about hurting himself and what-not. I don't say stupid to be offensive to anyone who suffers from depression, I say it b/c it's not him, that's not who he is at all, I just think the diagnoses hit him hard and he's having trouble dealing with it, though it could be depression issues, I don't know. Does anyone have a similar thing going on?

He does other things to indicate an episode like pacing, staring off into nothing and getting angry while he's doing it, or he'll just snap at no one saying "I don't want to talk to you go away" or "I'm not paying attention to you anymore leave me alone" I'm guessing he's talking to his visual hallucinations at these times.

In short, I'm just a little lost about all this. This is something I've never encountered before and I want to make sure I'm not missing something crucial. Again, thank you to all who've posted reply's, they've been very helpful and I appreciate it

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