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It's hard with Seroquel because it's so sedating and you wake up tired in the morning. Your son is on a pretty big dose, so I'm sure he's feeling pretty tired in the mornings, which isn't helping him feel more motivated. Just make sure your son doesn't drink alcohol while he's on it because that makes the tiredness way worse.

I take 50mg/day of Paxil and it helps with my depression issues, such as motivation, but my schizophrenia plays a role in my motivation level, too. I generally can tell what is causing my lack of motivation...depression or schizophrenia. If I feel it's depression related, I'll talk to my doctor about it and then my antidepressant might be adjusted. Likewise, if I think it's schizophrenia related, my antipsychotics will be adjusted. I try to jump on it right away because it can cause a lot of problems. I tend to do nothing at all...just sit around like a lump and it irritates people around me, I get bad grades in school, I don't eat very much, don't clean the house, etc. It can get bad really fast.

Good luck.

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