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I thought I replied.
She was initially diagnosed as bipolar.
That was in 88. She never continued her medication and actually was fine for 10 years until my grandfather passed away-then she started spiraling out of control again. She has gotten worse.

The thing is if she was 302'd before, she should be able to be 302'd again.
However, I think the laws have changed since 1988.
She is not an immediate danger per se, but she is obviously out of it, not well, and is not looking after her health. She is losing her teeth. She is spending unwisely-she is very paranoid about security-put an expensive security system her her house-no one was a victim of a crime and crime is VERY low in our area. It is irrational.

She is going to be 60 in April. I need to try to move on with my life.
I hate to just let her go, but if I can't force her to get help or make her get help, I may just have to do that. The bad thing is I am an only child.
No one else to help out with her.

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