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I know there are no doctors here, but my mom refuses to get help.
I am trying to narrow down what she may have. She was committed back in 1988 for similar symptoms. She was in the hospital and came out fine for a number of years and was not on any kind of medication. Originally she was diagnosed as bipolar. I do not think that was accurate from what I read.

Fast forward, 15 years later, she started taking care of my grandfather that had cancer and then he died. After that she went downhill.

She lost her job after 15 years because she was not getting along with coworkers. (She is a nurse) They gave her "time off" to get treated. She started to go, but then she went back to work and couldn't perform and they fired her. They did all they could to help her, but her behavior was not conducive to her unit.

Here are her symptoms
1. Very strange tics/uncontrolled movements. She will scribble while sitting at the table all day..just jibberish..she will move her head side to side when she does this. It looks "she is in another world" when she does this. She also "slams" things all of the time. She broke doors, drawers, glass in the dish rack etc. Very bizarre and disturbing behavior.

2. Totally disorganized house. Things/clutter everywhere. The house is a disaster to say the least. She compulsively shops for things on QVC for cleaning/organizing and they will sit in the boxes for months. She never opens them. Her cars are always a disaster-looks like she is hauling garbage-just junk everywhere in the back seatr

3. She rambles about things that do not make sense and have any bearing on the situation
4. Anti-social behavior-she does not talk to any friends or family members other than me(I am an only child) She will hang up on people and you never know how she is going to react.
5. She has let her teeth/appearance go.She has not been to the doctors in a number of years(does not have health insurance) I told her I would pay for it if she would go and she refuses.

I am just trying to find out if you think this is Schizophrenia a or a related disorder I do not think she is bipolar from what I have read.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

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