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Thanks for the insight. I believe if one needs medication then go for it. However I think there is more to be said with dealing with one's own problems without medication may help in learning more about how to control the symptoms. I have been off all of my meds since march 28th. I have been feeling fine for the most part. I honestly think I can do this without medication. I believe that I will be more in tune with what is going on inside my brain without the medication there dulling it. Psychiatrists do not even know exactly what the medication does. And there is no proof that it really does do "anything". I am just speaking for my own personal beliefs. I think everyone that has been diagnosed should question this sort of thing. I am not saying everyone should just stay sick. I am saying figure out what in your life ...whether it is in the past or look at it from all angles and figure out what is preventing personal happiness. The power of the brain is that it can fix it's self. I would give an example but right now I don't know of anything that would help other than just to say it as I am. I don't believe it is a disease and it certainly isnt a dysfunctional brain or should I say disabled brain. For all those people out there whom are told they have a mental illness or for example schizophrenia since this is a schizophrenia board... Our brains work just like EVERYONE else's. IT is just an individuals problem within their brain that is causing the whatever it may be of "mental symptoms". Don't you guys realize that psychiatry is just all about MONEY? They claim to help but all they do is diagnoise to give more and more medication to do what??? When as I said before..they don't even know what it does. So they over medicate you and over diagnosis you just for the BIG BIG bucks they make in doing so.
I think I've said enough. However I am curious to see if anyone agrees/disagrees or can see it for themselfs? These are the same people (the filed of psychitarty) who drilled holes in our brains and put us in staright jackets. ! I strongly believe in the individual not the illness or stereo type. I currently have a psychiatrist and plan to tell her all of this.
I hope my message here isnt too disturbing. I dunno. I guess I hope there is people out there who feel the way I do about medication and doctors. I am not saying they are bad or bad for the health. But there is alot of them out there who are just in it for the money and I think people should be awear of that. For example I was brutely raped when I was 19. I cannot take a pill to take away the pain nor can I take a pill to take away the flashbacks. I believe the doctors thought I was schizophrenic because I did lose my mind afterwards. But to say that pills and more pills will cure anything is to me beyond nonesense. I have to deal with that nearly or atleast every day. And trying to stay in reality is hard. with or without medication. I will stop rambling now.

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