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Never Heard voices
Aug 14, 2010
Ok here we go. First off i dont hear voices though i do plan out imaginary situations in my head. I have been clean of drugs for 5 years . I used to think there were cameras watching me in my apartment and i would spend a whole day searching for them . i would also see shadow people but this was years ago and i havent had them dilusions since then. I have no contact with my family and my girlfriends family and my gf think im crazy but in my head they are crazy and i do the right things and know the right things to do. My Aunt was a diagnosed schizo and killed herself in 1983. i am a very non emotional person which my gf hates. i dont like to cuddle be lovey dovey and things like that. i do love her but i think she doesnt believe me. i dont know whats wrong with me i dislike and dont trust anyone but me . i judge people on there actions to much and my gf says im to serious all the time i need to loosen up i feel like im going nuts like im the only person in the world who knows what right is and everyone else does wrong. whats wrong with me.

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