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I'm not sure if I understand what you mean because I myself have never experienced such feeling. My knowledge is limited to second party understanding from dealing with my son. I want to understand so I can better understand what he is going through. In the begining of his treatment I was told he was bipolar but none of the research I did fit him. He doesn't have the manic episodes or other. He is the same all the time within what is normal for him and the information just didn't fit him. Schizophrenia definitely fit better. I do not know the difference between that and schizoaffective disorder. He has several diagnosis, not just this one. He also has a mood disorder, anger management problems, and learning difficulties and is ADHD. There are just so many different problems he has that it is difficult to understand. The worst part is the severe paranoia. It is so bad he will not leave the house or drive anymore and only goes out to the doctor and I have to go with him. He has to always have a wall behind him so someone cannot sneak up behind him. He believes everyone wants to hurt him and are talking about him and the voices tell him not to trust anyone, not even me, his mother who loves him with all her heart and only wants to help him. We are still playing around with different medications trying to find the correct combination of the correct ones in the correct dosage that will work for him. So far we have had some that helped with one problem but made another worse or he can't tolerate the side effects, so we are still working on getting him to a good place. He cannot get a job and when he does manage to he can't keep it long. I do hope and pray that someone on here can help me understand so I can better understand and help him. TY for replying. I wish you well and hope you do well.


[QUOTE=lxx;4624807]when my brother asked me what was wrong with me, I told him that it's like I'm in a dream but I'm awake. some things are too amazing and some things are too weird and some things are too scary. it's like the creative part of your brain locked in brainstorming.[/QUOTE]

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