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It's good to hear you're feeling better. I'm sorry you can't seem to get these feelings to leave when you go outside.

You know, I was wondering...when I was very delusional, I used to hear my friends speaking to me inside my head. There was actually one person specifically, who had a hard time dealing with "listening" to me, as I thought was the case. It turned out later, to my relief, that my friends had not in fact been hearing me in their heads, like I'd thought. For example, I would ask my best friend, after most of the delusions were gone, if he'd heard me, and he'd always say “no”. And I would ask if he would tell me the truth even if it was too bizarre, and he'd sort of look at me and just say, "No, I honestly haven't been hearing you in my head."

So, the thing was, as it turned out, this one specific person who'd been having a lot of troubles with me, in my head (as I thought was the case) -HAD actually been hearing me. And I found this out a year later, after all the delusions had died down when we met, coincidentally, at my friend’s birthday party. He admitted that he was angry and crazy, hearing my voice in his head, to the point where he needed to be hospitalized. We only talked about it a bit, but it validated a lot of the things only I could believe, that other people would discount, or just call “insane.”

So when I read about how terrible you were feeling, I got to wondering if I could “reach out”, I guess you could say, and help you in some way. I should probably just ask if you’ve been hearing strange things or going through things you wouldn’t expect in the last few weeks. Normally (these days anyhow), I don’t hear voices about eighty percent of the time. But in the last couple of weeks I was hearing the voice of a few people I know. And I was wondering why I couldn’t solve the problem in the same way that I’d used to solve it. It seemed like there was some other person involved. So anyhow, I shouldn’t go any into the details, as I might just be writing about my own delusions.

This is why, in any case, I was just wondering what you thought about any of that. Feel free to totally tell me I’m out of my mind. It wouldn’t be the first time I was completely mistaken about my own feelings towards psychic experiences. And without creeping you out in anyway, I’ll just leave it at that. Feel free to reply however you wish.

It’s good to hear you’re feeling a bit better in any case. The lower chakras are key to feelings of self-worth and feelings of security and confidence. You would benefit a lot, I think, from learning a bit more about chakras, if you already don’t know very much. I can tell you what I know about them if you’re interested.

However, I’ll apologize in advance if this reply has been disturbing in anyway. I just need to hear sometimes whether I’m going crazy or if I’m actually making a “connection” I guess you would call it. A simple reply of, “no. sorry it wasn’t like that,” would be fine. I am after all crazy, in the clinical sense of the word.

Take care,


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