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What ever you do, don't go down the weird path of life with that. Remember that no matter what there are only two ways people communicate with each other; either with eyes or ears. If I can't see you, if I can hear you, I can not know what you want to tell me. You know what I mean. All good people know what I mean.

I know that the voices sound real as if they were from somewhere in specific. That can be tricky to us if we can't tell what is the imagination, and what is real. It can also be scary, hurtful, exiting or misleading too. This is why voices are VERY DANGEROUS. If you are taking voices seriously like someone is talking to you, I mean reeealy talking to you, your life is headed no where. You have to figure out what is REAL and what is UNREAL. It is really important to have manners and other feelings and thoughts when speaking to people, but it is important that you don't treat your imaginary voices that way.

Many people end up in a disaster by taking there imaginary voices seriously. They become bums, criminals, and handicaps. That way of thinking about those ruins lives.

I will give you and everyone else who has these type of problem my aces that I play against those imaginary voices. Docters call them hallucinations. We know what I mean.

Ace of Diamonds:
Many great people have discussed this in many materials for 2 1/2 thousand years now. Greek philosophers, Kant, Descartes, Budha, Christians and any good thinker can find this natural occurance in ourselves. It is very healthy and relieves stress. It will improve the way you understand your world, yourself, and those around. It simple, simple.

First, picture a semi-truck with a trailer on it driving around. (you can picture something or somebody you like if you want) Picture this in a few different times you remember or can picture it in. You will see the truck and you will hear it in your imagination. Make sure you can hear what you are picturing too.

Now there are two things going on. There is the imagine truck picture and sound. There is also you looking at that picture. For thousands of years people have called the picture and sound your imagination or mind, and people have called the one looking at the picture and sound the spirit. Others have called it something besides a spirit. We all can do this. I want to call it a spirit, but that is me. The spirit is weightless and thoughtless. It doesn't think or anything but know. All it does is know what the mind is making for it. Oh, and it wants. So, spirit can want the mind to remember something or figure out a problem. The mind will figure that out so that the spirit can see it.

The spirit is simple. Mine is. How about your's? But is the mind so simple?

The mind is not so simple. It records everything you see, hear, feel physically and emotionally, taste, smell, and imagine or think of. The mind is like a computer in that way. The other things that your mind will do for you is remember, problem solve, and tell your body exactly what to do.

Imagine your spirit is in a captains chair of your body. The spirit is looking at a big computer screen and telling it what the spirit wants. The computer or mind does all of that stuff for the spirit and will even tell the body what to do.

This get tricky to understand and neat too. If your spirit sees your mind, can it see out side of you? Can it hear outside of you?


Only the mind can understand what your eyes see and ears hear and so on. That is possible because of your physical body organs like the eyes, ears and brain. The mind gets every thing those eyes see and ears hear and so on figured out, and displays it so that your spirit can see it very, very quickly. Eyes and ears only help your mind figure out where things are or what they are. They don't actually show you the world. They show you the world as your brain and mind see it. I know, I know...WHAT?

When I figured this out, I then had to ask myself, "What am I seeing and hearing." In short, I'm seeing and hearing myself. Huh.

Yeah, just rememeber the spirit in the captain chair looking at the computer screen and listening to some speakers. That computer screen and speakers are parts of your brain and mind, not the outside world. You are looking at your inner parts and your eyes are looking at the outside world.

To be continued. My college library is closing now.
I'm continuing the post just above this. I'm trying meet people who can understand psychology like I do, and I'm trying to help not just the guy who started the thread, but anybody else.

My explaination should have a theory name or something. It is useful when your mind may be making things like voices and such. The problem with hallucinations is that they seem to depict the outside world. They almost always seem to symbolize something of somebody's or something's opinion. They seem real, they seem true, and they seem as though (in my case) I should respond or care. The problem is if I am responding and caring to these things, I'm not focused on what is real. That is a problem because I need to be a successful person first as a good person, second, as person with a job I think is important. Halucinations are a waste of time in the short and long run. What do I do? Well I take some time (since that is all I have since I can't date, hang out with friends, and can't make it to work on time because I have hallucinations that won't let me go) to practice viewing my mind. I practice putting things into order.

What "cards" do I have in my hand to use now? One, people can only hear and see each other. They can't read minds. Two, myself works in the order of spirit, mind, body. Call the spirit whatever you want to call it. That sort of topic is touchy to most people. Any person can see that they view their memories, thoughts, and feelings etc.

My Ace of Clubs is:
Make sure to remember not only how things looked when you didn't hear voices and such, but how you used to think about your world and people around you. I did this last night. I started trying to remember all of the places I've lived at. There are many, as my parents moved around a lot. I realized that I can remember I thought and saw things in each house and school. It was very uplifting. I could remember each house all the way back to the one I lived in a year or two before I started preschool. Well I found out I really used to be a boy. For me that is new. I always thought I was a boy, ha ha. I also figured out how far back my memory began to take hold of my life. What is neat is that my friends and students I looked up to back then were like elite giants to me. Now I look at the students in those grades as very unlearned. Its neat how I used to look at a second or eight grader, and how I know what they don't know yet. I should teach 'em what I know now. Any way what i want you to notice is that you don't view the world from outside of your body when you are very young. As you grow older, you may develop the habit of trying to view yourself from outside of youself to learn about how you fit in. The world becomes much more complicated and stressful as you grow older. Also sometimes you will find in your older years memories that you look at yourself from outside of yourself in your memories instead of out of yourself. This is also because it was either too painful or nervous or embaressing to be in yourself so to speak so from out of yourself you remember what happened. It may also be because of a person who you respected very much was present. You may have wanted to look at things from his point of view at that time, so that is how you remember it.

Lot of typing. I'll have to save this on a data stick.

So, you should find places or eras or layers in your memories that are all from your eyes or are all from outside of yourself. You'll just know that the bad times or years are from outside yourself memories and the good time years are from inside yourself. I kid you not.

NOW, what does this do?

It gives you a standard for reference for how to understand your world. I'll tell you how to apply this reference of memories now. True story: I grew up ok for several years until my father started hating on his family. He began to cheat on my mom, became an alcoholic, and resented his children and wife. He did not allow us kids even my mom to live a good life after that began. I started dreaming up crazy stuff and doing no good things. I would try to do things like move objects with my mind and things that were wierd and impossible. That's how bad things got. When it came to reading minds and having odd sensations like voices and feelings and odd thoughts, I thought to myself, "what if it is telepathy?" Well I'm kind of not with the big program of the world in those days and I think yeah! That is awesome. I have telepathy. I'm a psychic. I was fascinated with that and the little voices and such. I might as well have chosen to be mentally ill because that is what happened. Lets just say that when I go back in my memories of several years of true belief in telepathia, all of the memories are from outside my head. Those were very bad times. The reason why is because its like being bugged if you believe you are telepathic and that all people are. It means you live as though all of your thoughts are judged by others. All that you do behind closed doors or not is judged by any person alive. Maybe more if you believe the birds are talking to you and so forth. You have no freedom to do and think as you wish if you live like all people are telepathic beings. Needless to say, I was totally schizophrenic by believing AND LIVING THIS WAY. It was a pure hell. It is very hard on my reputation, so I don't describe it to people.

The thing is that the brain is a very amazing thing. It will figure out how to use your arms and legs, eyes and ears, other people and machinery, video games and phones..... even though it never knew how to before. It does this until using such things are second nature. It learns to do it until parts of your brain is just for that activity. You learned to walk and talk. Did you learn to broadcast thought to your imagination and read your imagination as if it was really other people's thoughts? That is bad. So imagine if I believe that my eyes are for seeing, so my brain learns how to use that. My ears are for hearing, so it learns to use that. My thoughts are for everyone to read, so it learns to use that. WAIT! My thoughts are for reading. That means everyone is some crazy alien and we all read each other's thoughts, right? Wrong!

By learning to use my thoughts as broadcasting device to talk to other minds with my thoughts was crazy. I will tell you why. I was always talking to my imagination and avidly too! This is the thing. If my thoughts can be read, then I thought that they must be other people's thoughts too. I then had to figure out which thoughts are mine and which ones are the ones I get from other people. Trust me, getting other peoples thoughts was like getting gold to me. OOO la la. I was into it to the point my brain learned by belief and understanding that my imagination was indeed other people's thoughts. Not only that I became very rigid and paranoid because I could not escape the criticism or any of the psychopathy I burdened myself with. My mind to me was an open box to all people, good and bad. That is very scary in deed. It's like being naked in a pit of snake. AAAAAH.

So, the memories of times past are for how I used to think and should think again. I can base my state of mind now on my state of mind then until I learn how to think now with out having to use my memories as the reference. I can use what I know about my life as I'm living to understand by. (complicated but true) That is to say that no one is telepathic or psychic, and my thoughts can't be read. That makes me feel very safe like my head is not open to all. Very safe people feel like they can do anything. :D I feel like that now. The order of self i.e. spirit, mind, body, is a way I can calm down and sort out those thoughts and voices. I can figure out what is real and what is just in my mind. This is also a gift that not all people have. I also believe that the most successful people in the world can do this order of self on cue and have a very good understanding of it. That makes them able to understand themself very, very well. This also helps understand other people very well. It's a very helpful tool in life.

I laid down my cards for you to see. Most people can't do that. I'm proud of this stuff. It has kicked by problems in the butt. If you are taking meds, that is good. I know that if I don't take a pill that I take at the moment, I can not relax well enough to sort my mind out before it becomes hay wire:dizzy: I hope to sort myself out and become strong enough to live with out meds.:bouncing: I expect to develop the faculty of mind that I had when I was a boy again by using the above information and my pill and ordinary living. After growing that faculty strong enough I will be able to be independent of the things I've explained here like taking off the training wheels of my bike.

Write me at [email][email protected][/email] I like to chat. I would be glad to help or just discuss things. People are for talking. I'm one too.

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