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I am desparate for help. My 17 year old son began showing bizarre behavior. Let me go back, he had struggled in a school setting for years, which resulted in him being sent to an alternative school and eventually obtaining his GED. Last spring, his behavior took some real changes that I saw, but didn't really understand the seriousness of. He and I had always had a very close relationship, always feeling that I was at his side. A true love and respect and had never talked to me in a REAL disrespectful way. Last spring he got jumped but some boys, which resulted in broken ribs. He became very paranoid, rarely leaving this house. But, insisted on having groups of boys in our home. When we put our foot down about all the visitors he became irrate. I would wake up at night and spell marijuana. He was insisting on doing his own thing in our home. He wasn't working and would make no effort to get a job. So I did start getting on his case about that. One night last August, he went in to a rage. Told me he hated me, wished I'd die, etc. The look in his eyes had been a bit strange for a while, He wasn't sleeping. This thru me realizing something serious was going on.
The police came to the house, that every night and said they had word he had a gun, which he did. He had a loaded gun under his pillow. One thing, I left off, he had begun to push his chest against his door at night. I know I am rambling, but hopefully someone can see past my jumping around. The night this all happened, the police didn't take my son, he was on probation for some other issues, so they intended to follow the course for the gun. I got in bed, still watching him, pace, etc. Somehow I fell asleep. He awoke me, flipping the light on and jumping on me. Telling me to get out of his head. Asking me when I was going to quit messing with him, Saying he just wanted to hurt me. He baracaded himself in his room, taking the police about an hour to get him out. I had him taken to the hospital and evaluated, he was sent to a hospital, where they diagnosed him has having drug induced auditory hallucinations. He is on resperdal and wellbutrin. It has been 5 months, he was placed in a residential youth home, and has made much progress in his attitude, he smiles again. However, he holds fast to the thought that I have brainwashed him, and control his thoughts. He hasn't allowed me to touch him, As long as we discuss surface issues in a group he is okay. But, if left alone with him, he makes it clear his feelings about me.
I simply don't understand, how a break is made in a thought like this. The treatment center which was more behaviorial is requesting he be moved, that they can't help him anymore. They have never accepted that this isn't a conscious thing his is doing. He has never once waivered from the thought about me.

When I read the area about dilusions, it was clear to me that this is what he suffers from. BUT< how is a breakthrough made. It's been 5 months, that thought has never changed. However, he can't or won't say, what kinds of things he feels I have put in his head.

HELP !!!! This is my son, I just want to try to get him the help he needs, so I can Have MY SON Back.

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