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My son did incredibly well on the Orthomolecular treatment (for Schizophrenia) for about 4 months and then it all went south. I'm not sure why right now and he is (at this writing) back in the hospital and on Serequol (earlier he was given Zyprexa and it didn't seem to do much). I haven't given up on the Orthomolecular treatments - in fact he now has two psychiatrists, one who practices Orthomolecular and the other who is traditional with meds. The Orthomolecular treatment requires much more patient investigation and is really fine-tuned to the individual. My son has many, many food allergies, and of course on the Orthomolecular system you're restricted to eating NO grains and NO dairy. It was a bit difficult at first but once you get into the habit (and find new receipes) it's no too hard to follow. Eating out can be a challenge however. Bottom line - explore the Orthomolecular treatment as I hear that it can give many patients spectacular results and of course continue with your MD to monitor your general health because vitamins can be toxic.

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