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Rainydaygirl, how ya doing? I feel for you, as I experienced exactly the same as you a while ago - your description of the shadow is identical to mine! Except for the colour of the eyes (mine was all dark). He also wore an ankle-length cloak, that covered his head (like Little Red Riding Hood). How wierd is that? For many, many months I felt strong evil around this being, and it told me to do all sorts of very strange things - I found myself being drawn to explore and indulge in stuff I normally wouldn't read or take seriously, and I actually became someone I wouldn't fully recognise today (although there are times recently when I just don't know anymore?). The worst was when I came out of a stupor and found I'd cut my wrists with a breadknife - believing the voices told me to do so. That was when I saw my first shrink, and he dismissed it all as merely depression, and didn't suggest I go any further with it? 5 Months ago I saw a psych, who prescribed seroquel, but never told me my diagnosis. I'm not sure if I'm sz. The voices etc went for a while, but in the past month I'm hearing things again, and just the other day was convinced for a while that my lampshade had become a human being?? I never took up the prescription - is it possible that the previous experience was sz, and if so that the symtoms could go without medication. I remained severely depressed, and suspicious of most people. In the past month I've pretty much isolated myself, want to see none of my old friends, lost interest in everything, and am paranoid about anyone and everyone. I believe they're all out to get me (I mean, I see lampshades as humans??). And I quite like the voices - they're somewhat entertaining (although I don't hear them all the time). AM I SZ?? Or just depressed? Or just very wierd?? The psych did say I was clinically depressed, but left it at that - but seroquel would surely not be prescribed just for clinical depression? And what of Little Red Riding Hood?

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