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hello sweetie pie. sorry for the delay people. i have been working 18 hours a day lately. this time of the year isn't good fro business so i have to cut down on staff hours and work myself.....anyways....i'll get to the point.

i have not much knowledge of OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). however, i know some people, who know other people who have it. to me i think it is a mental illness that is genetic, and to me it seems its almost like a form of paranoia or hypocontriac type illness.
to tell you the truth i am not best equiped to answer questions about OCD. but i am good at telling you my opinion if you may have are some things you should know about schizophrenia.

most schizophrenics, probably 9 out of 10 would not admit or even think of having schizophrenia. i know this from my own experience cause i went almost 4 years without treatment or therapy on a high scale psychotic episode that was on and off and my dellusions interfered with my own common sense thats ...somethings wrong with me.

if you think you have schizophrenia, look out for these side effects or symptoms. auditory hallucinations(hearing voices, sounds that dont exist), withdrawal from friends, family, loss of interest in your day to day routines(hanging out with friends,playing sports),confusion,hard to concentrate on certain tasks(preparing a meal),bizarre behaviour which may go unnoticed to you but your family or friends may notice,........and i can go on and on but all these are the most common.

and i'd like to just add that when i deal with a question like DO I HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA? it is very complicated to even elaborate on that because it is a type of thing that i need DETAIL in the full extent. giving detail helps me help you guys and girls so i can give my best advice and opinions.


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