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Doctor MIA
Aug 11, 2003
Hello all:

My boyfriend is schizophrenic and is prescribed Abilify. His doctor recently changed clinics (about two months ago) and made an appointment with him. When he showed up, the doctor wasn't there (it was in an office building, where he rents space, not a clinic). Since then, my boyfriend has been paging him with the number on the card he gave him and he hasn't replied to ANY of the pages. My boyfriend ran out of his medication last week. I know he probably show go to the ER b/f symptoms start to show, but I also know I will have to practically force him to do so. The old clinic states they can't give any forwarding info about the doctor.

Unless the doctor is dead there is NO excuse for his failure to respond to pages. I want to find out what my boyfriend's rights are and take steps to report him to the APA etc.

Any advice???

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