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I'm back
Sep 2, 2003
for some reason I'm not allowed to post messages under my old screen name arebe so now I'm back as, you guessed it, what's been up with everybody? How is life? My life is a total yin yang, meaning one half is ultra sh*tty and the other half is pretty good. You can easily guess wich side the schizophrenia falls under. So what kind of music do ya'll like? My favorite bands are radiohead, NIN, smashing pumpkins, TOOL, a perfect circle, talking heads, Sigur Ros (saw them live and they were amazing) just to name a few. Into art? I'm into Dali, Alex Grey, Picasso, Van Gough (probably a fellow schizophrenic, either that or too much absinthe) and other cool stuff...let's see what else. I'm currently taking zyprexa and seroquel and some zoloft for my relentless depression...Well I guess that about covers it for now, and I'm exhausted from my medicine so now I say ta ta to you all.

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