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I just started taking it, and I am also on zoloft for severe depression, (I have suffered it most of my life, and been on a nd off meds). I am not schizophrenic, but I do have the paranioa, and jeaulousy (big time, had this most of my life too)-in fact my psych said I have OCD. I think I am obsessed with the feeling that I don't deserve what I have, and it will all come crashing down at some point. He put me on seroquel so the delusional thoughts would subside and so i can sleep at night. I hope this helps you, if you wanna talk email me.
I wanted to say that I was put on seroquel also for my anxiety, ocd, and depression. I stopped taking it though when I found out I was pregnant!
My therapist says that he's thinking about putting me on an atypical anti-psychotic like Seroquel for my OCD and severe anxiety in addition to my Zoloft, but I don't understand why. Why would an anti-psychotic work on anxiety? emogrip- how does it make you feel better? I'm really scared about taking a medication that's usually prescribed for more severe disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia if I really don't need to...
emogrip- Thanks for responding. I did some research on Seroquel and other atypical anti-psychotics for their use in treating anxiety disorders, and the research kind of convinced me that these meds aren't something I want to get involved with. I'm glad they're helping you, and I think they probably work best for people with panic disorder, which I don't have. My panic attacks are of the situational/OCD/phobic kind, and I've lived with them ever since I was three. They're miserable, but if I have to take another medication to get rid of them other than my Zoloft, I think I'll just keep on living with them. I get them sooo frequently that I honestly think that I'd worry about not having a panic attack in a certain situation, which has happened once or twice before! My main problem is my OCD, which the Zoloft does seem to help a lot with. Obviously, it doesn't cure it, and neither will my CBT, but they'll help me learn how to deal with managing my obsessions. Still, I read about the side effects of the atypical anti-psychotics, and I wasn't pleased. One side effect of practically all anti-manic drugs is weight gain- one of my obsessions concerns my weight. I'm not anorexic, and I'm at a healthy weight, but I don't want to gain weight because I fear that I'll get heart disease and/or diabetes (comes from the future cardiologist/doctor in me, I guess). I also read that these meds have a high instance of a person developing diabetes, which I certainly don't want to have. Naturally, these things are better to deal with than mania or schizophrenia, but I just don't think I want to take a drug that isn't meant to be used for anxiety. I think it's great that there's another option out there to treat people for anxiety disorders, but I think I'm going to stay clear of it. Thanks again for writing back, though, and I sincerely hope that your Seroquel helps you overcome your panic. God bless! :angel:

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