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I just today was prescribed seroquel and prozac for depression and I over analyzie everything. I cant stay focused I am not scared of the prozac it is this seroquel that scares me. Do I just try the prozac without the seroquel or what I am so scared I dont think that and my family and friends dont think I am that bad but I do get panic attacks and stuff. I dont hear voices or see things. he only has me on 25 mg 0f the seroquel. What to do someone please help. I am so scared. Why are all problems answered with pills?
whats up.. same here. 24 years old, borderline, panic attacks, depression, bla bla.. screwed up. right now i am on 150 zoloft and 25 mg seroquel. it took me a month along with pressure from my best friend, boyfriend, and parents before i let that 25 mg go down my throat at night. all i could think was oh great now im what bipolar and schizo too on top of all my other issues. but well i did things my way for a long time, thinking i knew better and surprisingly enough in this small doasge, seroquel has helped immediately. i feel more even mooded throughout the day. it is still a constant rollercoaster and i highly doubt this medicine will be beneficial for everyone but try it, afterall when things get to a certain point, it cant get worse and anything is worth a try if the possibility is an end to your suffering. give it a fair chance just like anything professionals suggest to you, because maybe just maybe you might be wrong and they might be right. maybe you will get lucky and find one of the few therapists that are helpful.. think of what you do have in life as opposed to whats wrong, this has helped me. i think of people with deformaties and people who grew up without parents and other things that i should feel thankful for. somewhere there is a bright side and there are good things about all of you. search for them, and try to find yourself, and look out for YOU, cause YOU and only YOU can solve your problems and search hard for those rare professionals that can help you with the processes and help you to help yourself. sorry for the run ons. thankyou all for making me feel less alone, appreciation to you.

Oh my, I don't see how you guys are doing it. I'm on 400 mg of seroquel and I still have problems with paranoia and still can't sleep. I have a friend that's on 800 mg and he can't sleep either. It's like it'll work for a couple of weeks, then after that my body must get used to it or something because it doesn't work anymore...strange. And I've never had any vivid dreams while I was taking it either. Maybe I'm just strange or it's the kentucky air or something. :nono:
I just wanted to add that I have had "the dreams" on and off all of my life. Very vivid, very long dreams that seem more like full length movies. Most of the time I am traveling with a group of people and finding new places. The thing is these dreams are very uncomfortable--not exactly nightmares--just really bothersome as when I wake up I feel exhausted from them. I have had this happen with many different psychiatric meds I have tried over time ( I've been "depressed" most of my life and also have suffered anxiety--mostly in the form of social phobia. I also have post traumatic stress from a bad situation when I was little. Now, two months ago, I've been diagnosed as BiPolar II. After some med adjustments, I am now on Depakote, Effexor and Seroquel. The vivid dreams have returned and I am not happy about it--they are just so dark and strange--they ALWAYS make me feel "icky" and more depressed.

I really think there is a link between depression or BPD and dreams. Or with the REM stage of sleep in which we have dreams. Maybe too much dreaming causes psych. problems or the other way around--but I know there is a certain connection--I have heard too many people talk about it and have the exact same experiences.

I wish I could get rid of these dreams. I have even asked the Dr. if there was anything to make me stop dreaming.

Too much REM sleep is also linked to Narcolepsy because you are not going through all the stages of sleep--especially the deep sleep in which there are not supposed to be dreams at all. Getting stuck in REM can exhaust a person and lead to chronic fatique--and I'm sure many other problems. There really should be studies that investigate the relationship of REM Sleep (dreaming sleep) and psychiatric disorders.

Gotta wait and see how this seroquel is going to work. I was confused too about getting an anti-psychotic med. but, I do have some paranoid thinking.

Best, Anne

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