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I have a friend who sees ghosts and aliens. I read that some signs of schizophrenia are having paranormal encounters.

My friend is otherwise normal and rational. He had these encounters all his life. He showed me some strange video tapes and audio recordings. He sees chairs moving and televisions turning on by them selves. He has unusual scars on his body, some, where he cannot reach.

He does not read or watch movies about paranormal encounters as he had enough of his own.

He loses time when driving and finds himself on a dark road. Once, when this happened, there were more than 10 deer in the middle of the road and when he got out of the car, he blanked out to find himself back in the car again.

When I was over his house, we heard strange activity and chanting. We felt a cold breeze and I saw his hair stand straight up on his head.

I believe him but others think he may be schizophrenic.
Has anyone with schizophrenia had these encounters? Does the increase in dopamine open a door to another dimension?

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