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Re: Schizophrenia
Oct 23, 2003
Hi Drake!
I don't know how much help I can be towards the medical end of it. But I can tell you that as a family member of a Schizophrenic it is extremely hard to deal with. To see your loved one going through something like this is painful, to say the least. Many schizophrenics, I have learned become disenfranchised from their family members due to their sometimes hateful behavior. I have learned that medication is helpful in dealing with the desease, but getting the loved one to get help or to stay on medication is sometimes the biggest struggle.
It is difficult for several reasons. One being that if your loved one is an adult...and you know they should go in for help, there is not anything you can do if they won't go, unless you can prove that they are a risk to themselves or to society.
This is about the gist of what i know. Not much help on the medical end,,,but perhaps a personal touch to your report.
Drake,,,I don't know if this report was assigned to you or you chose to do it. Either way, I DO thank you for doing it. Perhaps only through exposure and knowledge of the desease will people become aware and maybe something can be done for those of us who are dealing with family members with it.

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