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Hello I deal with the exact things exept my paranoia developed into shadows which turned to figures and before I knew it there were spirits and demons crawling out of any dark area corners cracks etc. I have always been paranoid nervous and anxious seeing imaginary beings when I was young but add or ADHD has always been the answer every symptom got worse u did not seek medical attention until the paranoia caused such bad panic attacks I had to do something that's when I started klonopin little later visions and delusions got more recent more vivid and totally took over my life I tried Prozac had a bad reaction now I have been put on seroquel and zoloft along with klonopin and a handful of other mess for irrelevant reasons but I still see figures and hear voices or sounds even with headphones on it's like some one is yelling something very abrupt it's so loud but meds have helped out wonders I have not got a specific diagnosis so it's somewhere between bipolar1 and schizophrenia it's tough and it's not gone or healed just dulled from the meds if you need to vent or have questions or concerns I've studdied medicine and psychological disorders on my own and college glad there is others like me lol

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