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I need answers
May 5, 2011
I have dealt with depression and anxiety for s long time probably my whole life I also have always had weird thoughts and urges to go things not socially acceptable. I have a history of abuse from sexual to mental but have always found a way to get passed it by staying in my head. Recently, over the past couple years I have started seeing things again. When I was young I saw things like white and black shadows similar to ghosts I clearly remember a dinosaur and pirates under my bed. Anyway I recently over the past couple years I have seen things again shadows or bugs small dark objects. I also have a feeling a paranoia and a strange mania feeling of either anger or joy and I get this feeling like I'm in a bad movie or a dream like what's happening is not real and my vision seems to change. I also hear noises or mumbled voices sometimes I have constant conversations or quotes real and fictional flowing through my head constantly and it feels like there is people in my brain screaming and makes me want to do the same I don't know what's going on not sure if this is schizophrenia or a schizoeffective disorder or something else.

Any feedback would be great scientific or not please help me out with this thank you.

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