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From what I have read on the net there are two versions lets say of akathesia - and the one that I feel i have more of is the subjective akasthesia whereby you experience anxiety etc.

Good luck with your appointment on the 2 Sept. I don't want to distract you because I find with this particular illness the person has to learn from personal experience but I tried a whole host of different antipsychotics - zuclopenthixol, sulpiride, amisulpiride, chlorpromazine, risperidone, abilify, seroquel, zyprexa and I still got this "fear". It could be that the other drugs had not got out of my system in time. The eye rolling - ocular gyric crisis - only happened once to me in a hospital setting but now in the community i still for many years had so called pseudo-ocular gyric crises whereby the mere thought of having another one drove me to a mini eye rolling event. I say HAD as I don't fear them anymore and I believe with some self belief I hope you will stop having them as well.

I agree with your statement that anticholinergic drugs help and they did for me too including procyclidine but my doctor believed that I was using them for their mood altering properties rather than treating the residual anxiety I had as a result of being diagnosed schizophrenic. I also tried another artane which I bought over the internet and foolishly took as it did help initially but I needed higher doses which in turn has their own side effects so I gave up.

This where I had a mini breakthrough, I hope, whereby quite recently my doctor quite accidently prescribed me amitriptyline which is a tricyclic antidepressant for sleeping but I have been using it to get ride os this "fear". I believe it works by it mere anticholingeric effect - do some research on if you can. The only downside to taking such drugs is like you mention Koolguy your system gets too used to them and you have to rely on either increased doses or something else.


Resolution #1:

a. Decrease consta injection dosage
b. Advice to take cogentin daily
c. Leave zyprexa as is.

Anti-resolution #1:

a. Stop injection altogether
b. Switch zyprexa to some other antipsychotic
c. Take cogentin daily.

I'm not sure whether Resolution #1 will work out, but I have to wait and see. Will dystonia be prevented by constant level of cogentin in the blood? 1 month gone out of six months CTO and the biggest culprit is the consta injections, but zyprexa causes fear in me also. Let's hope things will work out.:cool:[/QUOTE]

Hi Koolguy

I am not sure whether it is the anti-psychotics causing this "fear".

When you discontinued them did you still have this fear and by that I mean did you have at least a clear 3 month period without them as it takes time for the anti-psychotics to leave your system?

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