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First of all, I must say that I live in a small island and a really small town.Being a 36 year old guy with precedents of paranoid schizophrenia makes me be marked and branded.I have to sort of prove myself a normal person to start a friendship, to get connected with someone, to have a simple conversation.
I feel its a big mistake and also extremely offensive when I hear people in this site argumenting wether or not "this person is dangerous" just simply because he or she is schizophrenic.And how those people ,who complain about their friend/boyfriend/girlfriend, are scared of them.It just sickens me because I know what it feels like to prove myself worthy of being accepted.Not all schizophrenics are disabled of coerence.Its true, some of us live a sort of detachment from reality but so does 50% of the world-just look at them living for brands ,advertisement,"television way of life", stereotipical behaviour, social network addicts, drug induced satisfaction (wether its legal or illegal), whatever...I just feel demoralized to have to battle for credibilty-Me and other like me.We are not zoo creatures.It is very, very dificult to afirm ourselves with this and once you are branded theres not turning is enough of a cross to cary this background with us for the rest of our lives.It just sickens me.

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