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[QUOTE=Pikachu915;4894128]I have no doubt that I am schixophrenic. I hallucinate often and I am constantly EXTREMELY paranoid.

I ran away for several hours last month because of the voices in my head. I wanted to get away from them and the people I was seeing, but it was unsuccessful. My parents do not see anything wrong, and when I mentioned the hallucinations, they called me insane and insulted me.

I don't know what to do. I am also extremely depressed and constantly thinking about suicide (though not suicidal). What should I do?

I am 13 years old, by the way.[/QUOTE]

I'm saddened to hear that! I went through a similar situation when I was 14.

I was going through some legal troubles, and the judge at the time required me to get a psychiatric evaluation. I was told that I had Bipolar and Schizophrenic Tendencies. Nothing was done about it until I was 21 years old, homeless, and on street drugs 24/7.

I too ran away multiple times, once for as long as two weeks at the age of 15. It is not easy when you don't have family support. I was told that I had an "overactive imagination", when in fact I was terrified due to seeing aliens outside my bedroom window, items glowing in my bedroom in pitch darkness, hearing voices in my head and outside my head, and a genuine constant feeling of fear for no reason.

I know it may be hard, but NEVER lose hope. As long as you have the resolve to reach out for help, there will always be someone somewhere willing to help you as best as possible.

Now, this is where I had trouble when I was around your age dealing with very similar symptoms and situations. Legally, a psychiatrist cannot diagnose a minor with Schizophrenia, as it is a diagnosis that stays with you for life on your medical chart, even if your symptoms do not last your entire lifetime. This makes it difficult to get treatment and diagnoses as a minor, and made it hard for me to even want to reach out. But don't lose hope!

Every public school has a counselor on staff. Next time you go to school, talk to the office and ask to speak with the counselor as soon as possible. Explain your symptoms in detail to the counselor, explain there is no family support, and that in fact they are holding you back from getting support. That would be the best advice that I can give to you.

As well - getting prescription glasses helps immensely with visual hallucinations for myself personally, more so when I was younger than today unfortunately. See about getting an eye exam! Your school might be able to help you get an eye test as well. I'm not saying you don't have symptoms and that it's just your eyes that are bad. But, if your eyes are bad and you have mental health issues at the same time with neither being treated, it will make things tolerable if it does prove to be a problem there.

For the suicidal thoughts/depression, at your age the best advice I can give you is to play a lot of video games. Play everything you can get your hands on and just get out of your head for a while. RPGs are nice, low stimulus games that take hours and hours and hours to beat, so they help chill the mind out a lot. As well, reading books are good if you can quiet your mind enough to be able to. Experiment with different genres and authors until you find what quiets your mind the most.

So, in short -

School Counselor ASAP! (it's free and you don't need parent permission)
School Library (books are great when you find what quiets your mind, and they're free)
Video Games (they're great for just distracting yourself, and your parents will see it as "normal" if you ask them for video games)

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