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It means so much to me that you took your time to write out such an helpful and kind response like that. Thank you so much!

I can understand how the alien-related hallucinations can be perceived as simply an overactive imagination. Up until I was around nine or ten years old, I was fully convinced that my bedroom was haunted. I would see this children—ghostly children—and I would have full conversations with them. I remember mentioning them to my parents and a friend. My parents told me there are no such things as ghosts, meanwhile my friend showed me scary ghost videos on the Internet. When I was around seven years old one day, at her house, I saw a "ghost" right in front of face, but she did not see it. I thought I had super powers then, but by the time I was ten I stopped believing in ghosts and realizing that nobody else saw these children, and none of them heard them either. That I didn't have any super powers.
My parents thought my imagination was just immense (I was afraid of ghosts... I still am, I may not sleep tonight with the thought of them, haha) but its not like I would only see the "ghosts". I too saw objects in puitch darkness, I would hear children laughing but never see them. I would hear those horrible little voices inside my head that told me to do stupid things.

I don't see those "ghosts" anymore. I more-often hear voices, see people with weapons, people who aren't actually there, and feel as if I'm going through entire events even though I'm not. I'm likely to recognize a hallucination for what it is in about an hour more or less.

If you cannot diagnose a minor with schizophrenia, how could they receive treatment? I don't understand.

I go to a catholic school, not a public school. My school does not have a counselor or anyone I could even talk with. I do wear prescription glasses, and now that I think of it, i don't hallucinate as often with them on. I love video games, I got some for Christmas today. Happy holidays! I'm not a good reader. There seems to be nothing I can do to keep my mind busy. I don't mind the hallucinations as much as I mind the paranoia, my paranoia prevents me from sleeping at night and I'm doing poorly with my schoolwork because of it.

How is your schizophrenia handled?

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