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Re: Hello Everyone
Dec 25, 2011
[QUOTE=writtenINpanic;4899224]I just registered here, I am new and I hope to meet some new people that share the same issues as me. I'll tell a little about myself..

I am a paranoid schizophrenic, I do not take my meds because I am afraid of them. I have a long list of fears which include, fear of being poisoned, fear of food alergy(even if i just ate it yesterday i still panic over it, I have to watch my food being cooked to be sure there was nothing added to it meant to kill me), fear of leaving my house(i have overcome that for the most part, i can leave but panic over it still), fear im being watched, fear of looking at the sky, fear of people, fear of anything out of my daily routine.
I cannot change soaps, i have to eat the same foods(about 10 different ones), i have at least 3 massive panic attacks a day. my symptoms are the usual as what ive seen other members post on this forum. thats just the beginning of my issues...yep theres more. I struggle with it daily and it torments me. But I hope to make friends on here, i really dont have many friends because everyone thinks im a "freak" anyway thanks for having me and i hope i posted this in the right spot.[/QUOTE]

I'm not claiming to know any medical information. I don't think it would be needed here, anyways.
What effects did the mediation have on you? What were they for, what in particular did they help?
I honestly think that you just need to go back on te meds. They were given to you for a precise reason, and that reason is to help you however they do. I'm here to talk to, too, but you need to talk to a professional about tour fears.
I have some extreme fears too. Everybody has fears, sweetie, some just have them more severly than others. Having fears is just a part of life. Imagine life without any fears, everyone would act wildly and the human race would come to an extinction.

I'm here to comfort you as much as I can. I, too, am new to this website.
If you want straight answers, I understand.

Do you have OCD? Have you ever spoken to a professional?

(Also, I highly recommend you watch the tv show Monk. It's about a detective with many, many extreme phobias. His brother is rarely seen on the show but he, like you, has problems leaving his home. I highly reccomend you watch it. It shows how someone can cope with fears and OCD and be pretty successful. Adrian Monk uses it to his advantage as a detective for the police. He isn't exactly happy so don't be reliant on it, but it's a good show).

Best wishes and happy holidays!

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