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***Sooo, if you ARE working -- how do you do it?? Are you able to function at work normally? How long have you been doing it since your first episode? Do your meds hold you back? Do you find yourself sedated / lethargic at work? Do you have any symptoms / delusions / etc at work or can you control them? How long have you been at your job? Are you happy / content with the way things are going? Does your employer know / have any idea about your condition?

I find myself unable to work for the past twelve months and find it pretty depressing... And I believe that now, in the position I'm in, the side effects of my meds are what are ultimately holding me back from working full time again (side fx; lethargy, sedation, lack of motivation)

Before meds I was fine energy-wise, but I've been on meds consistently for 8 months now and I find myself wayy too sedated (sleep anywhere 12-16 hours a day), lethargic,and lacking in motivattion to do any work. I don't know what I'm going to do?? I've been on Zyprexa and Risperdal both meds had the same side effects effects and I'm currently / slowly switching to Abilify, which I pray will help and cause much less side effects.

When I was off meds, I would have a psychotic episode when put under too much stress and start to be become so delusional that I couldn't concentrate or function at work, usually leading to me being fired or quitting. I haven't done any type of work in seven months.

So it looks like with meds, I'm too sedated and lethargic too work, and without meds, i'm too unstable and delusional to work when put under too much stress. I feel like I'm at a dead end here. I've already applied for social security last July, got denied, and am currently in the appeal process. But the process for social security takes too long, and I won't know if it would even provide enough money, and it's not guaranteed I'd get approved, and I'd much rather work and earn my living!

Replies / insights / feedback / experiences greatly appreciated and needed here. Thanks so much!!! I have much respect for you

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