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I met a boy when I was in high school and it was like love at first sight even though I never believed in that. We became friends and had a few sexual encounters then he decided he couldn't have a relationship which crushed me. I was never able to let him go for the past seven years we have been acquaintances. Since high school I have married and I have two children. Two years ago he contacted me and we began to see each other still just as friends. He told me that he was taken in for mental health that he was diagnosed as schizophrenic and bi-polar which he takes medication for. He had delusions and thoughts of suicide when he was admitted he was into drugs and going through a divorce. A few months after we became good friend he moved out of state and had a severe car accident he was injured very badly. His right arm is now paralyzed, he had a collapsed lung and broken ribs. It has been a little over a year since his accident and he has become extremely attached to me. I am torn because I have loved him for so long more than I've loved anyone but I am married and have children that I have to think about. He talks about me leaving my husband and being with him. I have fantasized with this idea because I do love him. I have always been very honest with him and my husband about the situation. It has been three months since we have started talking in a more romantic way. He tells me he feels as though he survived his car accident because he was meant to be with me. Within the last week he has become more down on himself and paranoid. If I donít text or answer his calls for whatever reason like I'm in the shower he will have a mini "freak out" and I'll have to reassure him that nothing is wrong. He also has been experiencing more mood swings than usual. He will be laughing one minute and sound like he is crying the next it worries me. I'm supposed to go see him in two weeks I want to be strong enough to take care of his physical and emotional issues and I'm scared to death that I will let him down. I couldnít take it if he hurt himself or relapsed because of me. I donít know what to do and I feel like I need outside advice on this situation.

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