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Can I first say how sorry I am that you have no family to lean on for support.

This forum is super friendly & I'd love to lend you some helpful (I hope!) support.

I am a recovering schizophrenic. Like me, you are probably taking anti-psychotics (I take Ambilify) and possibly an anti-depressant (I take Lexapro). I see a pyschiatrist every month & the best advice he's given me is:

1. (after break fast) 9am - 12 noon EXERCISE every day if you can and try to give up smoking if you are a smoker. Start slowly, so perhaps walk 3 - 5 times a week. This will give you more energy and release endorphins. Move up from walking to jogging and then try shuttle runs. Shuttle runs means you jog slowly for a period in 1 direction and then run quickly for a period in 1 direction and keep going (back and forth) for 30 - 45 minutes. Exercise will give you a positive focus.

2. 12 noon to 2pm - lunch break & do something you love. Do you have a hobby?

3. 2 to 4pm - Do chores and shopping (and look for jobs if you are looking to go back to work - try to make 1 job application a day) or do some gentle stetches.

4. 4 to 5pm - Prepare dinner and eat.

5. 5 to 6pm - Clean up dinner and relax.

6. 6pm to bed time - write a blog on how you are dealing with schizophrenia living on your own. Blogs are free and are a great emotional/informational outlet and will keep you busy. This is just a tentative suggestion :-) I am a huge fan of Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds - I watch these shows in the evening but I try to limit TV to no more than 3 hours a day.

You might like to try a multivitamin that is tailored for sufferers of schizophrenia that is made in the USA called "SBX". It's quite cheap and is great to help you optimize your well-being. I use it every day.

I hope this is helpful and good luck with your journey to recovery.

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