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So, for most of my life, I've heard voices in my head. They usually make fun of me, but it never really bothered me, but recently they made me cut myself, just lines on my forearm, nothing suicidal, but I got worried. I looked up schizophrenia because I had heard somewhere that it deals with auditory hallucinations. Pretty much all of the symptoms apply to me, but I'm a teen, and I really don't want to try having a conversation that goes something like "Hey mom, we need to talk." "Ok" "I've been hearing voices most of my life and I think I'm schizophrenic." Not a conversation I want to have with her. But I don't know what to do. I'm scared about this, stuck between my mental issues and dealing with my mom. Believe me, I tried once. Just to test her reaction I told her I was hearing whispering. Recently I had fought with my dad, so I said I thought I was stressed about that, and I had such a hard time with that because I don't want to make her lfie any harder, or have to deal with therapy or something. I just don't know what to do. Does anybody have any ideas to help me?

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