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[QUOTE=Isotope;5126709]Hello Friends,

:angel:Hi, well all I can tell you is I also am on Mirapex for the last three yrs and it has literally SAVED MY SANITY AND LIFE...before the RLS was so severe I jerked all over my body and had that creepy crawly Tortureous feeling all over me ALLLL the time, not just night but day too. I NEVER had any reaction like you but I find I can take a medicine for awhile and it helps then all of a sudden it starts giving me wierd side effects and i cant take it anymore..I call it being allergic to that specific drug..My list grows all the time but Thank the Good Lord this Mirapex is doing great for me. This is like a miracle drug for me. It sounds like you might be 'Allergic' to it to me. I also have Lupus/fibromyalgia and you learn along the way to listen to your body when it does strange things while taking a new medication..I wouldn't take it anymore if i were you. There are several other drugs they can give you that work for RLS too. I suggest maybe you try one of those an see if it works for you and not against. Hope I helped in some small way. I live this RLS life and I offer my prayers and condolences to you for living with this tortureous RLS..Donna Ellison

I started taking Mirapex a few weeks ago to combat Restless Leg Syndrome. I was started at a low dose (0.125mg/d) and it seemed to cut down on the severity of the RLS events -I wasn't jumping out of bed at 3am like I was on fire... My PCP okayed bumping the dose up to 0.250mg/d and that is when some strangeness began to take hold. Over several days my brain felt like it had a white noise machine blaring in the background, I was flooded with racing thoughts, my speech was disorganized, I couldn't arrange my thoughts, and I was completely flustered and unable to solve the most mundane problems. I also had trouble understanding what people were saying to me and even several emails with my Shrink I couldn't seem to explain what was happening to me -it was gibberish on the screen, rambling nonsense, and I had to tell him that I also didn't understand a word he was writing in return. about 3-4 days ago I stopped the Mirapex completely and I seem to be coming back to a world I can function in, though I still a few brown outs here and there.... It is believed by my shrink that that Mirapex, being a Dopamine agonist working on D2 receptors threw me into Acute Psychosis. I was knocking on door of Schizophrenia. I'm a little embarrassed to tell my PCP about this because I pushed him to let me try Mirapex since I was sure the Dopamine hit would yield all sorts of positive changes. My PCP was 'hesitant' about any 'activating' drugs due to my anxiety and panic attacks. I would really like to try it again to be 100% certain that I can pin the blame on the added Dopamine activity. Do you guys think it would be a bad idea or dangerous for me to test the theory? Would reopening that Psychotic door (wormhole) cause me any lasting or permanent damage?


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