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... Hi, I am a 25 year old fem that has been diagnosed paronoid schizophrenic. I was on abilify for about 6 month or more. ... (20 replies)
... I was on abilify for a month but couldn't take the side effects. The doctor gave me Lorazepam to get me to sleep but once I had run out of supplies I was a nervous wreck. ... (20 replies)
... I'm not sure but I don't imagine the withdrawal from Abilify would be too bad, maybe a temporary change in your sleep cycle, appetite and energy. ... (2 replies)

... Don't assume the worst because of a med change. Have you asked your doctor about your diagnosis? You say you are being treated for depression -- depression can be very severe and can cause symptoms similar to schizophrenia, including psychosis. So don't assume you have schizophrenia because of the med change. I hope that the Abilify helps you, and you know, there's nothing... (3 replies)
... He also told me not to take it at night becauseit causes you to get a rush of energy and may cause isomina. He wants me to take 3.25mg in the morning. Has anyone have the same reaction? ... (7 replies)
... I have a problem with brushing my teeth and getting dressed , I never feel like doing those things and always just through on something easy to put on, have no energy to care about how I look and combing my hair. I don't care and then when I have to talk to someone keep worrying about my breath. ... (3 replies)
Internal voices
Apr 16, 2005
... in my opinion. Then again I've decrease it to 10 mg and I am having more vivid dreams and I'm stilling doing pretty well. I have more energy. My side effects of abilify are poor concentration or just mental tiredness. ... (20 replies)
What is this?
Jan 20, 2005
... Hi, thank you for replying. I will ask my doctor about checking my B12 level next time I see her! But I'm worried that it still might be schizophrenia, because... - it started when I was young, in high-school. - I feel weird/unreal. It's not bad all of the time, but sometimes it suddenly gets really bad and it scares me! First time I had this was when i was a kid,... (6 replies)
... This continues until today. I always was able to tell what people were thinking or feeling just by listening and looking at them because I feel vibrational energy coming off of people and it affects me deeply. ... (5 replies)
... Currently I take Abilify 30 mg, Zoloft 100 mg, and methylphenidate 5 mg. I have a therapist that I see on a weekly basis. ... (1 replies)
... ***Sooo, if you ARE working -- how do you do it?? Are you able to function at work normally? How long have you been doing it since your first episode? Do your meds hold you back? Do you find yourself sedated / lethargic at work? Do you have any symptoms / delusions / etc at work or can you control them? How long have you been at your job? Are you happy / content with the way... (1 replies)
... I just see ghosts and i hear other people than myself talking to each other and i got put on abilify and seroquel to help with that but they dont i still hear and see stuff but it is not that bad. ... (3 replies)
... r people diagnosed sz. to have difficulty concentrating. The only advice I can give you is to stay on your meds and to talk to tell your pdoc all about whatever energy drinks you use to help. I don't know about abilify but with the med I am on, Clozaril, the use of caffiene can actually exacerbate the sleepiness! ... (5 replies)
... e schizophrenia and I'm treating it with abilify, but I also have problems staying alert. Lately I've been kind of self medicating my concentration problems with energy drinks that have god knows what in them. ... (5 replies)
... Samantha, The drugs we have had prescribed for are son (because he was initially distracted in school ) are Ritalin, Tegretol, Orap, Zyprexa, Trazedone, Elavil, Depakote, Respirdol (respiridone), Geodon, Ambien, and finally Clozaril. He is definitely worse off now than when he started the Ritalin. With the Zyprexa he wanted to quit it because he felt with it he couldn't... (9 replies)

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