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... I feel like I cannot see things clearly. I feel like I am at a loss of contact with reality. I hope this will change soon. I have been on antipsychotic medication for almost four continuous years. ... (0 replies)
Eye contact
Dec 2, 2009
... As far as the eye contact goes. ... (21 replies)
... i was recently diagnosed as schizophrenic, but dont have the symptoms of hearing voices. My major problem is eye contact and also hallcinating when I look in the mirror. ... (3 replies)

Eye contact
Dec 3, 2009
... I have my own theory on this subject, Eye contact is very intimate, when you make eye contact with anyone it can feel like they can see you completely naked, anything you're trying to hide is visible. ... (21 replies)
Eye contact
Feb 2, 2010
... hi i am new here, i was diagnoses with bipolar but i am not sure which type, i had problem with eye contact to because is thought i was telepathic so i could not make i contact because people would know what i was thinking. ... (21 replies)
Eye contact
Jan 16, 2010
... After stopping invega this has by in large disappeared. It was due to invega, as well as nervousness and uneasiness. (21 replies)
Eye contact
Dec 2, 2009
... Sometimes I have trouble with eye contact, but very rarely. But recently more strange phenomenon has risen - when I look at certain faces on the tv I feel a strange emotion, like a creepy feeling. It seems when I encounter a certain facial expression I feel this creepy feeling inside? Anyone has this also? (21 replies)
Eye contact
Mar 29, 2009
... my problem is eye contact, when i talk to someone i stair directly into their eyes and I can't look away, i sometimes have to put a knive in my pocket, the harm caused by the pressure helps me looking away, it is so akward and painful, i've had this problem for 4 years, please tell me what to do. (4 replies)
... I find it very diffuclt to make eye contact with another person. I am not Schizophernic but I am Schizoaffective. ... (3 replies)
... I have also had eye contact problems. I was so unable to communicate I would do that too. But I made it a priority not to do that and kept my nose above high water. ... (3 replies)
... hizophrenia. I heard from another relative that she takes medication for this but I have never spoken with her about it. She lives alone and I try to have some contact with her, but over the years it has almost always turned sour. ... (4 replies)
Eye contact
Dec 10, 2009
... raid of getting in trouble. He had several behavioral changes within three days of the accident. He had sudden outbursts of violence. He also could not make eye contact and had other visual symptoms. ... (21 replies)
... I convinced myself that maybe the police told them not to contact me. ... (2 replies)
Eye contact
Dec 2, 2009
... Hey Fa11, thanks for being honest and upfront about this. It really helps people to understand and get insight into other people's anxieties and insecurities. We all experience things like this - if its any different - it only makes life more interesting to know that we are not alone in the ways in which we think, and in the ways we are bothered by life's situations /... (21 replies)
... I don't understand exactly what you hear, but being afraid that the police are after you could definitely be a sign of paranoid schizophrenia. If I were you, I'd contact your local health department or hospital for a referral to a free mental health clinic. ... (19 replies)
... Recently, with the past few years, I believe i have become much more self aware of problems I am experiencing in my life on a social and functional level. I am not sure whether this is just a part of growing up and wiser or something deeper. What i mean by recently self aware, is that these problems have been present for many years, but am now realizing that they are out of... (4 replies)
... rder that affects the way a person acts, thinks, and sees the world. People with schizophrenia have an altered perception of reality, often a significant loss of contact with reality. ... (34 replies)
... Their tone of voice, the language they use, their body posture, length of contact, where the conversation left off, plans for next contact etc. ... (5 replies)
... ng to talk to any of the family. None of the family talk to one another, there is NO middle ground, everything is all or nothing, black or white. My dad has no contact with his family either. ... (1 replies)
... his illness. I could probably count on one hand the times when I saw him that I can remember. Recently, though, I have felt a strong desire to talk and make a contact with him. I would like to understand in what kind of world he lives, and I also feel that he has the right to know and talk to his daughter. ... (2 replies)

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