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... Thank you so much for the info. I appreciate it!! ... (11 replies)
... ifs" and "did I do something wrong" definitely sounds like OCD to me. I'm totally in agreement with CuriousLearner on this one. I have OCD, too, so if you want to talk, let me know! ... (4 replies)
... PET and MRI scans look at organs in your body, so they have no way to test for schizophrenia. ... (1 replies)

... Recently, with the past few years, I believe i have become much more self aware of problems I am experiencing in my life on a social and functional level. ... (4 replies)
... morbid symptoms of schizophrenia. Did you personally feel you had any symptoms that might indicate schizophrenia? ... (27 replies)
... Nevermind about the blood test thing that I read about. It said a blood test is sort of working its way through 'trials' to determine its precision. ... (27 replies)
OCD and Schizo
Jun 23, 2009
... At any rate, the only way you will know what is taking place is to see a psychiatrist. I can't diagnose you since I'm not a medical professional, so it's impossible for me to say one way or the other what you have and it would only be based on speculation. ... (16 replies)
... I will tell you why I have the feelings that I am experiencing now through a very breif story. ... (27 replies)
... From all of my own research, I have never learned of any such blood test that can diagnose schizophrenia. However, people suffering with the disease tend to have unusual brain activity that can be detected with some sort of test. Your doctor can tell you about it since I dont know much about it. ... (27 replies)
... Interesting enough, Psychiatry promotes everything you oppose. Psychiatry believes in mysterious, and non existent things like "chemical imbalances" and "schizophrenia". ... (16 replies)
Seeing things
Nov 14, 2005
... Well I did tell her (pdoc) that I thought i had schizoeffective disorder as it seemed more like my symptoms and she said what difference does it make ? both (bipolor and effective) are treated with the same meds... So I just let it go.... but i still dont understand how seeing "Jesus" in my computer is different than that of a schizophrenic experience that is my point... (3 replies)
Seeing things
Nov 14, 2005
... I think either you misunderstood or you need to change doctors. ... (3 replies)
... I think maybe you are talking about milligrams and not grams of Niacin. ... (11 replies)
... equally horrible, I cross myself repeatedly and mentally say, "Forgive me, God," and "Forgive me, Jesus" over and over again until it "feels right" to stop and I have been repented. ... (5 replies)
... Well, you have to get get a blood test every week for the first month or so. Then its every two weeks to see if you are developing a white blood cell disease. With our son who was 21 his heart rate went up to close to 120 at resting. ... (11 replies)
... I started seeing the psychologist right after sending the test back to CC. It was mine and my family dr's decision to do so. She is right down the street from me. ... (11 replies)
... Well, the test itself is lenghty, and they must score the test, then interpret the results. ... (11 replies)
... I do not know if I have schizophrenia or not, but it runs in my family. My uncle is schizophrenic. I am seeing a counselor and she has raised that question in my mind. ... (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... I know what you're going through. I can help you. All you have to do is try one thing. You'll see that it quiets everything down. Also knowing the causes of the thought broadcasting will help. ... (22 replies)

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