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... Hi I am just wondering What are the chances of Drug induced psychosis converting into schizophrenia. I was diagnosed having Drug induced psychosis and am scared of it turning into schizophrenia. ... (0 replies)
... My community patient nurse has diagnosised me as psychosis but my psychiatrist says I've got a paranoid illness , How do they differentiate between all the different symptoms and make a correct diagnosis. ... (21 replies)
... felt persecuted and as if I was being watched all the time. I wanted to know what was wrong with me so arranged to see a psychiatrist. I was told that I was in drug induced psychosis and could take some time to recover and was prescibed medication. ... (21 replies)

... hi,my boyfriend was sectioned two years ago with as they say drug related phycosis,since then my life has been turned upside down and can see no way out,he has only seen doctor once,he never went to last appointment and they havent heard from them since,we have a son toghether and i would like to help him but he says there is nothing wrong with him,how can you try and help... (21 replies)
... Well to shed light on the topic 40% of the nation are in actual fact delusional . But to what extenct someone thinking that someone is love them can be quite harmless. but then someone who thinks a sniper is following them around may cause that person to behave in away out of social context. (21 replies)
... My care worker thinks it is drug induced psychosis but my psychiatrist says I've got a paranoid illness. Do you think a drug induced psychosis can go on for 8 years after stopping drugs? ... (21 replies)
... how long should a drug induced psychosis last (1 replies)
... I think the best news about your diagnosis is that you seem to KNOW you have a problem. My boyfriend also has drug induced SZ, but he tells me that he feels perfectly sane. Unfortunately he clearly is not sane. ... (21 replies)
... As no history of illness was found in your family, that could be an indication that your problem is drug related. However, it might also mean that someone had an unreported problem. ... (21 replies)
... eing a psychiatrist at the moment and he seems to think it is paranoid schizophrenia. he has prescribed me anti psychotics. i am just wondering if anyone has had psychosis from taking drugs and how long it took to recover as my support worker thinks it might be lasting effects from drugs and not schizophrenia. ... (21 replies)
... I went to a psych ward for a day and they said there was nothing wrong with me, but a psychiatrist told me i have drug induced psychosis. Get this he also told me that the psychosis was only from doing exstacy that i did for a year, right before my cocaine addiction started. ... (10 replies)
... I can understand what you're going through. I have a little boy myself. I think from what I read that psychosis is just another work for schizophrenia. They just don't like to call it that any more. Symptoms must be apparent afor t least 6 months without drug use. ... (21 replies)
... I don't hear voices any more. I used to hear a running commentary too! My psychosis isn't nearly as bad as it used to be when it all first started. Iwas taking a lot of drugs at the time. ... (21 replies)
... our brain, so we MUST be able to create these functions WITHOUT the drugs. Otherwise, the drugs simply would not work. So, you cannot experience anything with a drug that you cannot experience without a drug! ... (21 replies)
... It varies according to the drug, how much of it was injested and the person who is using it. (1 replies)
... I read than Zyprexa can cause weight gain and diabetes, the company who produced the drug have a few lawsuits againt them!.Sorry to hear about the paranioa,do you experience voices? ... (21 replies)
... How do you find olanzapine ,i have been reading a lot about that drug in the media have you had any problems with it? ... (21 replies)
... ions similar to the ones you were talking about ,thinking camera's are watching you,people talking in codes etc .I was diagnosed paraniod sz .i was told that my drug use exasipated the illness i was diagnosed with. ... (21 replies)
What do I say...??
Mar 26, 2007
... He is very sedated, and is walking around like a zombie with no energy. I know it's for his own good, they have explained that it helps with the drug withdrawal as he has enough to cope with at the moment without that too. ... (6 replies)
... but there were other factors. One of those factors was the fact that I had recently stopped using marijuana and amphetamines. There is a diagnosis called "drug induced psychosis", and "brief psychotic disorder" which also involve paranoid delusions but they insisted that I was definitely paranoid schizophrenic. ... (9 replies)

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