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Dec 11, 2003
... maybe on Swedish massage and start reading, reading reading. That will help your spelling ability and help you get into message school. ... (17 replies)
Hearing voices
Jan 21, 2009
... Last night I started rapid cycling after reading a message board. After reading some of the posts I wrote, a friend on that message board sent me a private message warning me that I'm rapid cycling again. So much for my streak. ... (10 replies)
... Ive been taking medication for major depression for a couple of months again, and I have the same problems (disorganized sleep, sexual disfunction) but my doctor won't let me try abilify...she just keeps upping my dose or changing to a different anti-depressent med. I keep telling her that all of these message boards I read give great reviews of the drug (Abilify seems to be... (20 replies)

... I am writing a message so all can see. I have schizophrenia and have had it quite a long time now. However I am only ill when I am under stress and not getting enough sleep. ... (3 replies)
... vacations, or nice clothes, good computers, good houses, TO BE HAPPY! Its all in our minds... But even though, "I," say this right now... As soon as I send this message to this forum... I'm going to go lay in my bed, or think about what good clothes I can buy... Which job to get so I can save lots of money... So I can LOOK good. ... (8 replies)
... I was meaning this post to reply to a message on another message board. I am referring to the video by jannsen pharmaceuticals that displays a schizophrenic experience. ... (1 replies)
... sting rules which explain that offering or asking off board contact is not permitted. The boards are to be used for on board sharing, only. The email and private message features are turned off so that use of the message boards remain anonymous. The only contact you may make with members is to post on the board. ... (2 replies)
Jun 17, 2005
... I think that I might have schizophrenia, but I'm not sure. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder this past year.... and I'm used to the frequent mood changes and all of that, but for the past 3weeks I have been hearing knocking and I've aksed my brother and my mom if they hear it and they say no. Then a couple of days ago I thought that saw a man outside of my window w/ a... (3 replies)
... Hmm I'm quite insecure and used to be very jealous. I am schizphrenic, on Seroquel, Seroxat (paxil) and zopiclone. The thing is, even with these meds I hate the way I look, basically hate myself. The Seroquel has helped a bit, I'm in a realtionship and coping ok, although I don't believe him when he says he loves me and thinks I'm nice looking etc. I've been on a few meds in... (39 replies)
Success anyone?
Jul 27, 2003
... well, i'm new too, but i just want everyone to look on the bright side yah know? how about we tell each other their success? any ways, i had a nervous breakdown i believe for a couple of reasons...i stopped going church, and that whole deal, my grandma passed away and it went to me that same month she died and i focused on a boy rather than god..anyway i got to the point... (2 replies)
After advice
Jul 19, 2003
... Hey, I haven't actually written in a message board before but...recently my friend suffered from a form of schitzophrenia. He has attacks were he becomes violent. Not towards people, just objects. ... (1 replies)
... Okay, well my birth mother had schizophrenia.. and possibly my father. I was adopted by a family and I've been having so many problems emotionally and mentally. My home life isnt stable and the doctors told my father that that's what I needed to lessen the chances of me developing schizophrenia.. anyways... What are some of the signs that it might be starting? When I'm... (3 replies)
... pen. I must remain vigilant. Humanity have evil intentions, and there are some who see the potential of the knowledge with which I am being equipped. That is the message I received today. Thanks be to God. I have heard. I will obey! ... (20 replies)
... I am writing in response to the message from Social Butterfly. Her message was brilliant and seemed to mirror exactly how i feel. A close friend of mine, who i have known for eight years, was diagnosed with Schizophrenia two years ago. ... (6 replies)
... This message is to laural. I just read your posted message regarding abilify. Yes my daughter is on it now. She has been on it now for almost 3 weeks I see some improvement but not what we had hoped for. ... (4 replies)
Oct 19, 2002
... now another question i have: does anyone have difficulty w/a controlling parent or opinionated parent re therapy/treatment?? i experience a dominating parental power issue (15 replies)
... Power, and Giant Steps. I have not even read these books, except for two by Tony Robbins and the one by Elyn Saks, because I decided I already knew what the main message of each book was. I thought all I had to do was fast and discipline myself. ... (0 replies)
... I left a message with my Doctor. ... (3 replies)
... If you got schizophrenia or know much about it please message me and tell me about your first symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... Hey! I was just wondering if any of you here has or had problems understanding and using nonliteral language. Throughout my teens I never noticed people talk like ''I think I might be a ____.. It would be better if I didn't do ___ in that situation", in reality referring to me, trying to criticize or help me from repeating the mistake or ''Today I took a bath''... (2 replies)

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