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... recently been started on Abilify. I would be interested in hearing how you feel the medication is working. My step daughter is 13 and no one will diagnosis her with anything other than depression because of her age. Anger and hallutionations are a big part of her life. Please feel free to contact me. ... (2 replies)
... My maternal grandmother has been living with alzheimer's for the past 8 years. My paternal grandmother developed dementia but that was later in her years shortly before she passed away. ... (19 replies)
... The most common misnomor about schizophrenia is that multiple personalities are a component ! Most schizophrenics do not have multiple personalities ! ... (21 replies)

... The most common misnomor about schizophrenia is that multiple personalities are a component ! Most schizophrenics do not have multiple personalities ! ... (21 replies)
... When I was about two a health visitor told my mother she thought I was backward! because I wasn't talking, I didn't look at people when they talked to me and I didn't relpy to my name etc. ... (21 replies)
... I am currently being pushed into seen a psychologist or a psychiatrist by my mother whom believes i have developed a mental disorder. I feel that my mental state is a result of harassment. ... (5 replies)
... I am worried that I may have schizophrenia which is why I'm posting here on this board. The main reason that I am wondering if I have schizophrenia is because I talk to myself. I know that everybody talks to themselves, but the way I do it seems abnormal to me. ... (11 replies)
... i'm curious to see what false beliefs and judgments you've come across living with schizophrenia or knowing someone who lives with schizophrenia. ... (3 replies)
... I hope I can help someone out there with schizophrenia that is seeking help. I want to make this short and simple. My mother had schizophrenia, and my little brother has it. One aunt and an uncle have it. ... (0 replies)
... I grew up with a mother who suffered with schizophrenia. She was very paranoid, delusional and would hear audible voices that were not her own. ... (5 replies)
... I am the mother with a son with schizophrenia. I have read this too, that niacin absolutely clears up schizophrenia. ... (4 replies)
... If so, you can get help without your mothers concent. If you are not, see a school counselor, teacher or an adult who can talk to your mother and get you the help you need. ... (1 replies)
... I have to disagree that taking large doses of niacin can be harmful. Hoffer tested this and found it would take about a half-pound to be toxic. One of his patients even took 60 grams in one day and supposedly that cleared up her symptoms instantly. I have taken 30 grams in one dose and experience no side effects. Niacin is extremely safe and the recommended doses are... (4 replies)
... Okay, well my birth mother had schizophrenia.. and possibly my father. I was adopted by a family and I've been having so many problems emotionally and mentally. ... (3 replies)
... I have self diagnosed myself with scizophrenia too every doctor Ive ever went to said there was something diffrent wrong with me. My theropist tells me I have a protective shell. ... (13 replies)
... Recently, with the past few years, I believe i have become much more self aware of problems I am experiencing in my life on a social and functional level. ... (4 replies)
Just questions
Mar 28, 2006
... ped strange delusions, like believing i was from another demension, i believed objects like chairs, trees, street signs, TV's, etc. were alive and communicating with me through telepathy. I believed i had special powers, like i could move objects with my mind. I developed Obsessive compulsive rituals. ... (4 replies)
... Her mother has Paranoid Schizophrenia, a very bad case of it, too. I'm concerned about both the child and mother. It's a lot, so sorry if it's long. ... (0 replies)
... Neither the devil nor Jesus tell me what to do, but they are in constant communication with my mother. Terrifying visual hallucinations and nightmares are not a part of Asperger's. ... (21 replies)
Just questions
Mar 28, 2006
... This one, for me, is a hard question. I was born with Autism and already had difficulties. So OCD, social isolation and speech difficulties were already in the cards. ... (4 replies)

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