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... I'm a 18 year old girl and I can't put my finger on when it started. It must have been going on since I was 14 It's gotten worse during the last two years. I hear a male voice in my head a lot. ... (3 replies)
... Are all schizophrenics aware that they have schizophrenia? And how long does it take to progress into something uncontrollable? My friend has this illness, and his mom is a pharmacist, she puts him on pills for a week, then she takes him of for a month, then she gives it to him again for 2 weeks, this is really messing his health up, does this have any contribution to making... (26 replies)
... I myself do not have this condition but my son does and hears voices. ... (6 replies)

... hi elenaroberts, sorry it took me so long to get back; I couldn't reach the boards. Humanitarian is where you help other people like in the United States it would be either with the United Way or with a lot of other places. What do you think? You can find something you like doing and stick with it forever; work at your own pace. One of my favorites is giving blood or plasma... (25 replies)
... Hi rhinestone and thanks,i was just starting to believe my doctor ,he never believed me that i have schizophrenia do you know what he told me yesterday? ... (25 replies)
... so, I know that this has nothing to do with the topic, but I fell like I can talk to you. ... (26 replies)
... That is always my advice. I was born into a family with money and prestige, but my father passed away when i was just five, and my mom was very emotionally challenged so she reverted back to her childhood experience and I learned early on to not 'exist'. ... (5 replies)
... I think you should go to a doctor. They don't seem severe yet, but you need to talk about them. My mom has paranoid schizophrenia and the most horrible part of it is the fact that she doesn't think anything is wrong, so it is harder to treat. ... (16 replies)
... The lady psychologist that I'm seeing is very nice. I've only seen her once and talked more about hubbies family than anything, and they're not my biggest problem either!! ... (11 replies)
... I didn't either until I got heavily involved with the psychological field of study. After I researched mental illness in my psychology class, I was like "oh wait". ... (16 replies)
... I have a question. What are involuntary movements and how do they related to schizophrenia. My mom has exhibited some disturbing symptoms. I think she was incorrect diagnosed back in 88 with bipolars. ... (3 replies)
... I realized that with what she told me anyone who read my posts who was from the first hospital could have known who I was. ... (25 replies)
... hello i think people are telepathicaly controling my mind and also trying to destroy my soul i also hear their voices in my head i belive this is real it started when i was maybe 15 but now i feel like they might control me and wont stop and also destroy my soul they also ruin things of mine all with their minds i know there is no scinitific proof of telepathy but i belief it... (14 replies)
... I just though I could help some people with my thoughts on this. ... (12 replies)
... Well, My nonverbal reasoning score was about 16 points higher than my verbal reasoning score when I took the OLSAT test at 11.8 years old. ... (83 replies)
... pertaining to psychosis in general... Or was it schizophrenia in general? ... (44 replies)
... nia because I have heard differing stories on the nurture versus nature debate on schizophrenia however authorative books and sources seem to be on the side that schizophrenia is almost always rooted to early abberant cognitive development which usually comes from the genes. ... (2 replies)
... I have some major issues in my life right now, involving my mother. I am seeking advice from anyone who can help. Thank you in advance. ... (0 replies)
... I'm 30 years old and my mom is schizo, not officially diagnosed but everyone in the family knows that she has it and we have a few doctors in the family... She has real delusions and hears voices, thinks people in the tv are talking to her, thinks cops are out to get her etc. ... (3 replies)
... risk if your grandfather had it. My grandmother and my aunt both had schizophrenia. everyone told my mom not to worry about me getting schizophrenia, because since it was not passed down to her, it would unlikely be passed to me. WELL! THEY WERE WRONG! lol. ... (4 replies)

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