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... My mother has schizophrenia and I will not allow her to be alone with my children. I think that schizophrenia symptoms have a wide range, so it may be that he has different symptoms and might be just fine. ... (1 replies)
... hello naboo, you are definitely not alone as i have lived with a person that has had it for almost all her life which is my mother. I believe the illness gets worse as you get older. ... (14 replies)
... I just though I could help some people with my thoughts on this. ... (12 replies)

... ok my mother is schiso and before she was on meds nshe thought that every1 was out 2 get her neighbors, family, and friends. the worst thing to 2 is to be scared because this is a mental illness it clear that he is not on meds and is taking meth... ... (5 replies)
... have heard differing stories on the nurture versus nature debate on schizophrenia however authorative books and sources seem to be on the side that schizophrenia is almost always rooted to early abberant cognitive development which usually comes from the genes. ... (2 replies)
... Laura, my father has schizophrenia and says he hears voices just like the ones you describe. ... (5 replies)
... first I want to talk a bit about what part schizophrenia has played in my life, so you get an idea of who I am and where I come from. Then, I will talk about my main concerns and question, related to my title. ... (2 replies)
... polar. Do not expect the worst. Does your son have behavior issues. How is his speech ! ... (21 replies)
... Well, I dont know how you people cope at all, fair play to you is all I can say! I'd have had a nervous breakdown and had to be thrown in a padded cell the first time I walked into a restaurant and seen a decaying corpse! ... (28 replies)
Is denial normal
Jun 25, 2004
... My mother was diagnosed with this when she was in her 30's. ... (6 replies)
Jul 20, 2012
... bipolar and schizoaffective disorder in 2009. My father is schizophrenic, as well as his mother. I don't really know anything about these disorders. I've been hospitalized once when the episodes started at about 15. ... (1 replies)
... It feels like theres another me inside my head, like my second half. But hes angry and hates the world. He forces me to stay awake, I have my mother thinking its because I am addicted to playing video games. He tries to get me to hurt people sometimes, as he is very vengeful. ... (2 replies)
... no i have never been on any drugs. including narcotics or hallucinigens or even alchoholic beverages at that. my abilify is already at 30 mg. i dont think it goes any higher. but i hope it does. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the replies! My husband is too afraid to call on my neighbor in fear of him getting out and knowing we called. ... (5 replies)
... i'm a 22 year old female who has been diagnosed with complex PTSD and Major Depression. my current meds are Lexapro 20mg, Solian 1000mg and i've just started on Epilim 600mg. ... (14 replies)
... I am a schizophrenic on abilify at present, 15mg a day. I'm 16 years old, and live near London. ... (4 replies)
Dec 13, 2008
... Im 19, and im scared. Im not even really scared that I might be schitzo, im scared that I might want to be skitso. Im tired of not having an awnser for all of my craziness. ... (5 replies)
... y myself in the afternoon, too! That's why I go on the computer sooo much during the summer because, unless I'm doing something to fill the void of silence while my mother's at work, I'll just panic. Inactivity plus silence equals obsessions... ... (13 replies)
Just questions
Mar 28, 2006
... This one, for me, is a hard question. I was born with Autism and already had difficulties. So OCD, social isolation and speech difficulties were already in the cards. ... (4 replies)
Just questions
Mar 28, 2006
... Around the age of 9 or 10, i started becoming paranoid. I believed people were poisoning my food, planting bombs outside my front door, etc. I constantly had panic attacks because of the paranoia. ... (4 replies)

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