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... It's hearing a voice in your head that isn't your own, such as a female voice if you're male, telling you to do things. It's also what you said about hearing somebody who's not there calling your name. ... (3 replies)
OCD or psychosis
Jun 8, 2007
... And some background information. (You weren't expecting a mini novel were you?) (4 replies)
... Then later today, I was laying down for a nap and I kept hearing my name being said....quite loudly. I was about to roll over and ask my roommate if she was talking to me when I realized she wasn't even in the room. ... (4 replies)

... I went to a new Psychiatrist last Monday July 14th, and he thinks that I have Schizophrenia. I am constantly seeing things, and I hear voices too. I am seeing things right now while I am typing in this thread. When I hear voices, alot of times I talk to them when nobody is around. ... (17 replies)
Just questions
Mar 28, 2006
... My symptoms started when I was about 3 years old...or as far back as i can remember. I occasionally heard voices and saw visions when i was real little. Usually the voices were talking real loud and fast and saying frightening things. ... (4 replies)
... It is unlikelly you have schizophrenia, you have psychiatric symptoms when you were much younger than 19 years old and are female (the symptoms usually picks in after 25 years amoung women). It might be a personality disorder which is not rare with OCD, or a dissociative disorder. Consider also Post traumatic stress disorder which can create such dysregulations years after... (11 replies)
... I got an insight as to what schizophrenia was and then when I started hearing things, I somewhat freaked out and my OCD grabbed hold of what was going on and my paranoia worsened and all that good stuff. ... (9 replies)
... but I just like to practice my voices and accents that I can do. ... (5 replies)
I need help!
Jul 19, 2015
... Thank you for your story, it sounds but it sounds different than what I'm going through. Oh and my doctor hasn't diagnosed me with anything. I just asked him if he thought I was bi polar and he said no. I'm going to meet up with him soon and perhaps ask for a re evaluation. (4 replies)
I need help!
Jul 19, 2015
... the voices are evil, they constantly bring me down, as well as a male voice narrating my every move. 2. Seeing things which 'arent there'. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for responding. Yes I have been seeing things and hearing voices for 4 years now. One of the people that I see and hear, is really scary looking and that person really bother's me. ... (17 replies)
Advice please
Aug 18, 2005
... Well I used to hear voices occasionally I went to a psychiatrist and he told me I was sane and now I hear the voices less Iam glad I told someone I think it helped. ... (5 replies)
... find it interesting that you described your symptoms as "obsessive thinking" because that might very well be what it is. Let me make it clear that if you're not hearing a voice other than your own inside of your head, then you are not schizophrenic. ... (11 replies)
... I started having symptoms of schizophrenia when i was 3 years old (hearing voices/seeing things). But at that time, i was too young to understand any of what was going on or know there was anything wrong to be able to tell someone. as the years went by, i stopped hallucinating, but became paranoid. By the time i was 9 years old, i was delusional. I believed people were putting... (12 replies)
... hello sweetie pie. sorry for the delay people. i have been working 18 hours a day lately. this time of the year isn't good fro business so i have to cut down on staff hours and work myself.....anyways....i'll get to the point. i have not much knowledge of OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). however, i know some people, who know other people who have it. to me i think it is... (12 replies)
... Thank you, I just can't seem to get over it because it seems so real! I get so afraid that I'm going to start hearing voices that every time I hear even the slightest thing it makes me freak out. ... (2 replies)
May 31, 2010
... It could be you are having ocd or obsessive thoughts. As I understand it, they can be experienced by the person as not originating from the person. ... (6 replies)
... tarted to feel like i was going slow in the head and all my friends picked up onit aswell so i ignored it and jst thought that things would get better. i started hearing voices at night like past conversations from the day and people talking. ... (4 replies)
... If you are hearing voices, that sounds more to me like schizophrenia rather than OCD. ... (15 replies)
Please Help!
Feb 14, 2007
... I think about it all the time. I have never had any hallucinations, visual or auditory but I am always on edge thinking that at any moment I am going to start hearing voices. I have some weird thoughts like one night I couldn't sleep and the police helicopter flew over my house and I thought to myself. ... (1 replies)

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