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OCD or psychosis
Jun 8, 2007
... Hi, i posted this thread in another forum regarding ocd, but felt that maybe i should post it here for feedback. I have included copies of posts that i have made to my journal as well to help provide more information. I appologise for the length of the post but i can be a very verbose person at times. ES (4 replies)
... Hey, CuriousLearner! From what I've read, people who develop schizophrenia have always been a little eccentric. ... (13 replies)
... nobody is around. I am on medication but the Psychiatrist that I went to on Monday didn't change the doses on my medication because he was afraid that it make my OCD and my Schizophrenia worse. He thinks that I have a mild case of Schizophrenia. ... (17 replies)

... If you post this in the OCD section, you'll probably get more responses. ... (1 replies)
OCD and Schizo
Jun 23, 2009
... this seems more indicative of OCD than schizophrenia. ... (16 replies)
OCD and psychosis
May 20, 2006
... Hi Steve, Psychotic symptoms aren't allows related to schizophrenic spectrum disorders. After all, I hear voices (a psychotic symptom); but don't have a schizophrenic disorder -- I have psychotic depression. I think that the difference between psychosis in schizophrenia and psychosis in other disorders (depresssion, OCD, etc) is basically this -- that schizophrenics... (9 replies)
... not even paranoia! you have most likely have OCD or another type of anxiety disorder, either way, both are treatable and many people suffer from in INCLUDING ME! ... (2 replies)
... because they both form from a malfunctioning in the circuitry of the prefrontal cortex. The reason for the intense differences between the two disorders is that schizophrenia involves malfunctioning of the dorsal prefrontal cortex, whereas it's the ventral side in OCD. ... (21 replies)
... I understand that you may have OCD and have eccentricities, but are you sure that you have aspergers? ... (83 replies)
Apr 28, 2008
... Btw dude yes this could be schizophrenia because one of my main symptoms was carrying on talking to myself when I was first diagnosed. ... (4 replies)
... rre delusions. I believed objects such as street lights, trees, chairs, etc were alive and communicating with me through telepathy. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when i was 17. ... (12 replies)
... CuriousLearner, do you still think you have schizophrenia? I'm thinking that you don't. I'm not an expert on schizophrenia, but I think that the main diagnostic tool is hallucinations and/or delusions. In general, there must be some sort of bizarre behavior present, bizarre behavior that isn't exhibited in other illnesses like OCD, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder, that... (13 replies)
... not necessarily paranoid schizophrenia unless there is more to it. Maybe you are feeling that somebody is after you? ... (4 replies)
... ous right now and my anxiety is somewhat high but I'm thinking this is a good thing becuase I'm obviously discussing some needed issue. I've been diagnosed with OCD since I was a child and I'm not going to go into great detail as to the extent of my obsessions I do know that the diagnosis is clear. ... (1 replies)
... I have depression anxiety and OCD problems, but i'm thinking it may be something else. OCD has some similar symptoms to schizophrenia in that it can be similar to phycotic delusions and fears. ... (5 replies)
... seizure med and helps my OCD too. ... (13 replies)
... I posted this on an ocd forum and have copied slightly altered it and pasted it here.... Can anyone give some insight to this? ... (5 replies)
OCD and psychosis
May 20, 2006
... This is'nt a schizophrenia related question as such, I was just looking for a bit of understanding on psychosis. ... (9 replies)
... D And she also confirmed the OCD diagnosis, which we've suspected all along. ... (13 replies)
... Then finally one day the thoughts began to fade, and with them the fear of schizophrenia also disappeared. ... (7 replies)

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