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Jan 31, 2003
... I was on Seroquel 75mg twice a day, but came off it because it sedated it me so much. I came off it straight away and went onto zyprexa, I had no withdrawls or anything. ... (1 replies)
... Basically I have had problems all of my life ranging from inability to maintain close relationships...even with family "loosing" parts of my day where I would only be aware of what I was seeing and sometimes hearing... ... (1 replies)
... There is no generic for seroquel. There are though two kinds, Seroquel XR and regular Seroquel. Ive been on both. I was on Seroquel for over 4 yrs. without insurace, it is EXTREMLY expensive. If you are getting it paid for, take advantage of it. ... (34 replies)

Serious problem
Nov 28, 2007
... i am having infertility problems..the first medication i was on was seroquel and risperdal..i had problems since then from this medications! ... (0 replies)
... I just today was prescribed seroquel and prozac for depression and I over analyzie everything. I cant stay focused I am not scared of the prozac it is this seroquel that scares me. ... (39 replies)
... pped the Benzos and the atypicals and the antidepressants and the Parkisonian drugs in combination and started just taking plain old Haldol at a real low dose my problems evaporated. ... (11 replies)
Risperdal recovery
Oct 31, 2004
... I have been ill on 800 mg seroquel and started on abilify 15 mg made me become ill. I have now been on risperdal 6 mg for three weeks. I am a whole lot better. I can concentrate to read books. ... (3 replies)
... l health specialist. I was on abilify for a week about 4 years ago, but I went off it because I couldn't sit still. I didn't like that drug, so I tried Seroquel. Seroquel worked for a while, but it made me gain alot of weight. So I went off that drug and I don't remember why I went off it. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Lynn, thank you for sharing your sons story with me. You know you have every right to know how much of the drugs he was using. His old friends should let you know the truth. ... (13 replies)
... That is so weird Iam the same way, when people ask me something I also answer with yes or no. Also I have to say,"what" all the time because I don't understand right away what somebody is saying to me. ... (13 replies)
... and long term memory problems, difficulty talking, depersonalization, i get frequent perceptual problems, colors may appear brighter than usual, if iam in a room with a lot of people it looks like a circus show everything looks like its moving too fast. ... (10 replies)
... aril has never given me problems. from my understanding the risk obviously increases as the dose increases, and i've been able to control my symptoms fairly well with just 400 mg. when you get up to 900 is when the problems really start. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. I completely agree with you that it doesn't matter which label is applied to the symptoms, just so long as there is someone to help with meds to quell those symptoms to a manageable level. ... (34 replies)
... Ok, I went to the psychiatrist and had my Seroquel raised from 50mg => 400mg, which is a sufficient dose to help me. Even before I started the medication, my paranoia seemed to have gone (only after I saw the doctor)...which was weird. Anyway, I started noticing my paranoia gone/going away on the 100mg, and then I had my appointment with my therapist while starting the... (9 replies)
... re, but it seems to be helping. He is taking it primarily as a mood stablizer. His diagnoses have changed quite a bit over time but he has never been diagnosed with schizoprenia. He has tried many different meds including risperdal and seroquel. ... (20 replies)
... Yes, you're right about 100mg's... Sometimes doctors actually prescribe it specifically for sleep problems. Like even with people who have no psychosis whatsoever... ... (34 replies)
... Find out from your daughter what she believes. If she believes these voices to be controled by another person or being, then we have a whole different situation with different solutions to work around the problem. ... (4 replies)
Seeing things
Nov 14, 2005
... f the Schizophrenia spectrum involves mood and that is Schizoaffective Disorder. Hallucinations vary from person to person and aren't restricted by type to type. With Bipolar or Schizoaffective you can have various types of hallucinations identical to Schizophrenia. ... (3 replies)

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