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... Ive been hearing a lot about this. I think its possible that psychic powers may stem from schizophrenia. In fact, the definition of schizophrenia explains that what is going on inside the brain is ESP. Extra Sensory Perception. ... (9 replies)
... sinister. For the first time people die in my dreams. I also find it very real and there have been times where I think back to an event and wonder if I dreamt it or not. It is very real and therefore very upsetting, even when I wake up. ... (39 replies)
... to make a living. But I do work. Not every schizophrenic can say that. ... (12 replies)

... I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my early twenties. I might be schizo affective, or schizophrenic due to the fact that I get delusional, intense feelings of persecution, voices, paranoia, etc. ... (1 replies)
My story
Dec 3, 2007
... out Cristina again and was staying with my sister. Cristina must have called 1000 times in that month or so... begging me for answers, begging to understand why the heck I said what I said to her sister. I kept her at bay, but kept her hanging on at the same time. ... (0 replies)
Internal voices
May 9, 2005
... Firstly, Ive heard voices since the age of 16, however Ive not just heard them, Im in permanent thought interaction with them and have worked with them, or rather they have worked with me since I was sixteen. I hear them quite legibily and its been an unusual relationship over the years. ... (20 replies)
At risk?
Mar 7, 2005
... You can't. At the moment, all you can do is 'guess'. There are some signs that are hypothesized to put someone at risk of developing Schizophrenia; A Schizotypal personality, evidence of being in a 'prodromal phase', abuse of certain drugs as an adolescent, and some genealogical clues which can help in the guessing process. However, even if your identical twin is to become a... (13 replies)
At risk?
Mar 9, 2005
... If you have a soul, you're at risk. Maybe, because in a past life, you'd never seen reflectors before. More people believe in reincarnation than not. 1.2 billion people in India believe it, many chinese religions, etc. Maybe you're crazy if you don't believe it. It probably was a guardian angel. (13 replies)
... My explaination should have a theory name or something. It is useful when your mind may be making things like voices and such. ... (1 replies)
At risk?
Nov 10, 2004
... I truly believed that God was speaking to me through signs and music. I kept a huge notebook full of what I thought was 'profound insight' given to me by God or something. I also had severe social anxiety. ... (13 replies)
... f being catatonic, you could say, the tension released itself and I felt good again. After this for about four more months, I had incredible power. Just a lot of psychic ability which I concentrated on. I watched people and things around me change, due mainly to this very spiritual thing that had been released inside of me. ... (2 replies)
... en brought up on and the culture we're used to that fuel the nature of our delusions. So, it seems to me like the occasional real comment from a stranger, turns, or could turn, into a more complicated set of auditory hallucinations for you to deal with. It's a crazy maze, to make a long story short. ... (22 replies)
At risk?
Nov 12, 2004
... I know you are probally not a doctor, but I am so curious as this means are just showing symtoms or if it's the first stage of schizophrenia. ... (13 replies)
... Am I psychic , cursed ? ... (5 replies)
At risk?
Nov 11, 2004
... Strange beliefs alone do not make someone schizophrenic. There are plenty of 'sane' people who believe, with very earnest conviction, that there are 'more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of' in our philosophy. Many normal and succesful people believe in such things as alien abductions, astrology, psychic communication, reincarnation, astral projection, ghosts, and... (13 replies)
Do I have it?
Oct 16, 2004
... invent bizarre mythologies to account for the chaotic expereince of the illness. Thought insertion and thought blocking usually come first and then the bizarre schizophrenic mythologies evolve as a means for the afflicted to explain to himself the cause of the psychic phenomenon. ... (5 replies)

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