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... attacks,depression, and PTD for the last 4 years now..My symptoms seem to variey in intensity, but are always there..I was dianogosed with schitzophrenia the first time I ever went into the Dr's.. ... (8 replies)
... Is it possible to be diagnozed with schitzophrenia if one does not hear voices nor sees things that other people do not see. ... (0 replies)
... can you still have schitzophrenia even if you are very emotional and affectionate? ... (1 replies)

... Hi, I am also 24 and majored in psychology in college, but I do not have a PHD or masters., just undergraduate. From what I learned, schitzophrenia usually develops in the late teens to early twenties. ... (2 replies)
... The thing is, though undiagnosed several mental health workers I've had have mentioned schitzophrenia almost as a casual remark or possible diagnosis when I've talked to them about things I'm going through. ... (1 replies)
... aslo, schitzophrenia is EXTREMELY heredity, so chances are if no one in your family has ever had it, you just cannot develope it. period... trust me, you are not schitzophrenic! ... (5 replies)
Racing thoughts.
Feb 23, 2009
... ard time focusing on stuff, and i feel like i have a bad memory. I CONSTANTLY analyze whatever thought comes into my mind and try to catagorize it to one of the schitzophrenia symtoms..? ... (19 replies)
... hallucinations come in many diffent ways for each person. some might see objects moving in an unexpected ways leading up to visually seeing something that does not exist, eg two inch men, this can acctually terrify the person at the time, but because of the large amount of time between hallutionaytions It can be treated quickly with drugs and therapy. these effects on there... (13 replies)
... Well I have known this boy since we were 14, I was still friends with him when he developed schitzophrenia and had to be hospitalized. He is now living on his own and doing very well. ... (3 replies)
... Hello all, I hope this message finds you all reasonably well. I am not suffering from schitzophrenia, however my finace is diagnosed as Bi Polar with Pshycoic Tendencies and Mild schitzophrenia(he hears auditory halucinations) I have read several posts on here regarding close family members or even wives and girlfriends of people suffering with similar situations. I am... (0 replies)
Mar 17, 2004
... Hello My Aunt has asked me to post in hopes of getting some kind of answer. My Cousin Bobby is 30 yrs old. He was Diagnosed with schitzophrenia yrs ago(i believe maybe 11 YRS AGO or a little less.) Bobby is on clazoril - he takes 2- 100 mgs in the morning and 4- 100 mgs at night Prozac- 40 mg in the morning lithium - 300mg 3 times a day He gets weekly blood work (i... (4 replies)
... I am writing this becouse i am rather concerned that i am developing a mild state of schitzophrenia. I have been studying the desease since my halucinations begun, and i know that they are in fact not normal, but i want to get a definite reply before i lable myself as having schitzophrenia. I have had unconstructed audio hallusinations were i have heard high pitched... (17 replies)
Dec 7, 2003
... ello, i had a few qeuistions...can schitzophrenia be genetic and could i have some of the symptoms...? ... (17 replies)
... n anything u or i can imagine and to tell her that especially if she suffers from paranoia is gonna make her distrust u and u CAN NOT help a person with paranoid schitzophrenia if they dont TRUST you. my husband has a psychiatrist at the counselling center..a counsellor who comes to our home once a week.. ... (9 replies)
After advice
Jul 19, 2003
... Hey, I haven't actually written in a message board before but...recently my friend suffered from a form of schitzophrenia. He has attacks were he becomes violent. Not towards people, just objects. I haven't seen any and he hasn't had very many, but it is affecting his life and he was told by his psychiatrist to stop all relationships for awhile he has issues in. Is this... (1 replies)
Arebe, Musicgirl..
Apr 17, 2003
... more thing to add..arbe I know exactly what you mean by what if this is my descend into schitzophrenia? I Just turned 21 last Dec And I definately want to START my life..Not being living in constant fear..I've brought this up sooo many times and I get the same response with every doctor..Including the fact that I've told them My grandpa on my fathers side (My dads gone... (11 replies)
... In regards to the post that people diagnosed with schitzophrenia do not see things that aren't really there or halucinations as you called them, I have to strongly disagree. ... (11 replies)
... it saved our apartment from burning down, so did the mandella but it had to be thrown away.. well nice to meet you all especially you raindaygirl. living with schitzophrenia is a curse i would wish on no one but if you have it might as well have the best of times with it if you can. ... (13 replies)
... So, I'm 23 years old and I'm a female. I have a husband and 2 children and worked in a high position at a hotel up until about 3 months ago. Some background info: When I was 12 I was going through A LOT! Many of my issues stemmed from being in what I felt was a disfunctional family. I had everything I needed but I raged A LOT. I would run away, rebel, fight, ditch school,... (0 replies)
Jul 1, 2013
... im on disability for bi polar. they say i have 1 and 2. i also didnt graduate high school and dont spell well. i dont have a history of hallucination. any way i had a headache for a couple days. i was haveing a little trouble focusing on objects. it just seemed off.i noticed i couldnt really taste liquor or smell it. it was cheap 80 proof vodka. i could gargle with it it... (1 replies)

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